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FREE Monthly Recurring Revenue Calculator (MRR Calculator)

This MRR Calculator is going to tell you exactly how many members you need, what you should price your membership at and how much money you’ll make based how long they stay!


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Monthly Reccuring Revenue Calculator

MRR Calculator - The Membership Lab

With this calculator, you'll be able to:


Quickly assess how many members you need to get to your monthly goal


Evaluate how much you should price your membership to get to your revenue goal


Visualize what to expect based on your current audience size


An invitation to a free 1 on 1 Clarity Call to help you brainstorm the strategy to get to your monthly recurring revenue goals.

You were able to guide me to make the right decisions for my model and what I wanted to do… which is priceless!
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You’re too focused (and too strapped for time) to stay stuck in the decision loop.

It’s not easy to be able to visualize the potential of a business idea. With this calculator, you can quickly see what it takes to get to 2K, 5K, 10K or even 40K per month. I have helped over 300 membership site owners launch, and I can help you figure out your membership potential and what strategy to put in place to achieve your revenue goals.

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MRR Calculator - The Membership Lab

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Monthly Recurring Revenue Calculator