Do you have a course or membership program
you want to get online?

We help you design, build
and grow your online platform. Fast.

We take your vision and turn it into reality.
You focus on your business while we handle the tech. 

You’ve got an amazing program,
you know you can impact lots of people with your expertise,
but you don’t have the platform to support it.

You might have tried the off-the-shelves solutions
and you know that won’t work for you.
You need something more engaging. You need a platform that creates an experience.

A lot of people can build  online platforms.


very few know how to build a robust and scalable platform
that will wow your members and keep them engaged
so they will never want to leave.
Is that what you’re looking for?

Why are we different than anyone else on the market?


Help you turn your vision into a beautiful, engaging and scalable membership site.
Because your expertise is unique and you deserve a platform that will make your members fall in love with your program.

so that you can make a bigger impact
while making a lot more money.


We’re dedicated to turn you value, vision and expertise into a profitable online platform.
How we do this is through membership site and online course platforms development and strategy.

We’re helping you turn your vision into a reality. This is not your average off-the shelves membership site. We’re here to create a unique experience for your members. You don’t need to wait for weeks and months and spend a fortune to get it built.
After building over 300 memberships we have perfected our  Unique WordPress Framework. 
Planning to use AccessAlly? We have unique features and integrations available. 

You have a membership idea but you don’t know how to execute it? Let’s talk.  We’ll help you figure out your perfect program structure and format.

We’re here to help you get clarity and confidence so you can finally generate consistent, scalable income and make the leap from trading time for money to giving yourself the freedom to choose who you work with and what you focus on.

We can help in many ways depending on your needs.

Custom Features

Advanced Functionalities

You have a big idea that you need developed specifically for you? You need our A team to make it happen! Our team of developers can turn your idea into a fully functional platform ready to welcome members.

It’s so great to have someone you can trust for tech and projects… and also strategy for my membership program. You were able to guide me to make the right decisions for my model and what I wanted to do… which is priceless! Thank you for all of your help! I wouldn’t have been able to launch on time without you!

Membership Site Development - Built in 1 Week

  • Simple 5-Step Process: Signup, Onboarding, Development, Testing, Support & Training
  • Ideal if you need a membership site like yesterday
  • The only option out there If you want to create a custom and  unique  experience 

“Nathalie you honestly did a phenomenal job.. I would have never been able to put something like this together. You are a genius with what you do. You went above and beyond..”


Our focus is to help you provide a unique experience for your members.
That’s why our team has built a series of features to help your members consume
your content and  stay months after months

Choosing your Password on Signup

Improve Members Experience

Thanks to our add-on, new members can now choose their own password on signup instead of having AccessAlly choose it for them. Check the video demo here.

Favorite/Bookmark  videos

Help members find content easily

With this Add-on, members are able mark videos favorites or bookmark them to watch later.

Turn Videos into A Video Search Engine

Help members find the content they need

Thanks to our add-on, new members can now choose their own password on signup instead of having AccessAlly choose it for them. Watch a full demo here.

Custom  Video Timestamps

Help members organize your content

With this Add-on, members are able to create their own timestamps and notes so that they can easy find it later. Click here to watch the video demo.

Personal Searchable Notes

Help members search for their notes

Thanks to our add-on, new members can now add notes to videos and search through them so they can quickly get back to the content they need. Click here for the video demo.

Advanced Reset Progress Tracking

Help members stay motivated

With this Add-on, members are able to create their own timestamps and notes so that they can easy find it later.


“Nathalie has been amazing to work with.
She brought my vision to life”

Step 1: Our Onboarding Process

Get access to our Online Portal (built with AccessAlly) and Onboarding Process. Simply work through the onboarding form then book your Onboarding Call

During the Onboarding call we will:

  • review the form and get all the information we need to build the platform
  • Go through your program model, structure, content organization and pricing
  • Discuss engagement features and retention strategies you could put in place
  • Will then come up with the general layout of your site together.
  • If you have a designer on deck we’ll share the graphics elements needed to make it happen (if you don’t includes design work!)

Step 2: Platform Development

We will then turn your vision into a membership site that is not only functional and robust but that will also grow as your business grows.

Our development includes:

  • Setup of a backup system so our work is safe and protected for the whole duration of the setup
  • Build of your membership site following the layout we came up with together, including order forms to take payments
  • Creation of test users and use cases to make sure the process is fully tested from the payment process to the dripping of content, payment failure and cancellation (if applicable)
  • Setup of automations for New Signup, Payment failure, abandon cart follow up, Cancellation process

“it’s been a great experience working with Nathalie and her team. I highly recommend her if you need someone who can listen and make your vision happen. The support and care has been fantastic too.”

“Nathalie is so knowledgeable and she could even help us with understanding the backend and creating some retention strategies and a better experience for our members.”

Step 3: Platform Delivery

Once the platform is built (most of our membership sites are built in 1 week), You’ll be invited to book a delivery call.

During the delivery call you will:

  • Get a tour of the platform
  • Experience the signup of a new member
  • Get access to custom tutorial videos to assist you in placing your content (videos, recordings of calls, quizzes, downloadables,..)

Step 4: Ongoing Support & Training

Our delivery session gives you a 360° view of the platform and ensures that you you’re able to make content updates and manage your members.

Support is included so you always have access to help

“I recommend Nathalie and her team to anyone who is looking to build an online course. They did an amazing job.”

I’m now well on my way to setting up a gorgeous and highly functional site. What I liked best about working with Nathalie is the very straight forward process and the fact that it moved quickly. I now have a new core competency in building out a membership site. I would definitely recommend this service. Absolutely. I am involved in the National Speakers Association and will spread the word. This is a great process for getting your membership site up and running!

Founder of

“I am so excited by what Nathalie has created and how much I learned from her. Thank you Nathalie for making this really complicated project into something so beautiful and so simple and so accessible for my members.”

Membership Site Strategy

There are several ways we can support you with the strategy.

  • 2h deep dive session 
  • Apply to join the Membership Lab Mastermind
  • Enquiry about working 1 on 1 with Nathalie (limited seats) 
It was such a pleasure to work with Nathalie. She is so knowledgeable and she could even help us with understanding the backend and creating some retention strategies and a better experience for our members. We recommend Nathalie if you're looking to build a membership site!

Membership Site & Online Course Custom Development

You have a big idea and you’re looking for the A team to make it happen?

  • Discovery call to learn more about your project 
  • Access to a team of developers who breathe memberships all day
  • Regular touch points and progress tracking (we typically approach these projects with phases with clear tangible results)
Nathalie Doremieux is an AccessAlly™ Certified Partner since 2016 and she provides incredible service and membership sites to our mutual clients. She always brings a positive approach to her work, she’s super resourceful and she cares about her clients’ success. I would highly recommend working with Nathalie on your next course, membership, or web project. She’s cracked the code on creating a streamlined membership site, and making sure that you can scale over time!

Ready to turn your expertise into recurring income?

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A Little about us...

We’re a family business 15 years young.
For the last 6 years, 100% of our focus has been on membership sites,
from the website builds to the strategy to consulting and coaching.
That’s all that we do.
And that’s why we are so good at it. (our clients words)

We’ve built over 300 membership sites serving different markets.
We have a pretty good grasp on what is working right now
in terms of engagement, accountability and experience.

Because a successful membership is SO much more
than a pretty website where you host videos.
We’d love to share that with you.