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How to turn your new members into loyal members that will stay month after month

so how do you get loyal members to stay in your membership month after months after months when creating a membership lots of people focused on getting members and they see this as the ultimate goal the sign up but that is a huge mistake why this is exactly what we're going to talk about in this video we are the membership lab and if you're not signed up yet click on the subscribe button and on the little bell so that you can be notified when we come up with new videos so ready let's get started so when people join a membership there is some commitment right they've just joined they've just joined they are excited and they can't wait to dive in so what happened next is going to set the tone about what they think about your membership so how do you do that well there are many ways that you can create an amazing onboarding experience and of course even though you don't want to overdo it you want to make sure that it's memorable so how do you create that wow experience the first thing that you need to do and that we love to do is to create an onboarding section this is something that we do for almost all our clients and we have it in our own membership as well and what that onboarding section does is it's going to help the member feel welcome get them the right expectations and get them committed to the platform so what does it really look like this is an example here this is our own membership and this is a client one and this is another client one so the idea is that you have two sections the first one is a welcome video and that qualcomm video has several purposes one is going to welcome them two is going to give them a tour of the membership so that they understand where things are three it's going to tell them more about the content what content they have access to right now what is going to be dripped or delivered later on then it's going to have information on support what is the best way to get support do you do calls do you have a facebook group do you have a community inside a membership do they you have a contact form what is the best way for people to ask for help if they are stuck and then finally the last one is the accountability how are you going to help them make sure that they stay accountable and that they commit to the platform so this is the video and it should really be the first thing that they see when they log in then next to the video as you can see on the example here again there is a to-do list so you can choose to have that list or not but when you have that list you can actually track if people have peop have completed the onboarding so what we do is we talk people in the in the in the crm system and in the platform so that we know that this person has completed onboarding and that allows us to follow up one week later if they haven't so that we can ask them if they have any questions so that to-do list here what can it have it can have something like welcome watch the welcome video it could have things like um click here to embed our calendar into your calendar so that you never miss a call so that's especially good if you have q a calls accountability calls that are like weekly twice a month once a month so it's always in their calendar and then they can choose to show up or not but at least it's there they're going to get the notifications right you could also have a link to complete a self-assessment if you have a quiz that allows them to see where they are in the journey that is going to help them not feel overwhelmed and understand where they are and what content to focus on based on the step that they are in so there are several things that you can add to this to-do list really depending on your membership on your audience and how much hand-holding you feel that they need but the key here is that once the onboarding is completed the next time that they log in that section can go away so it's not something that they need to see every time that they log in it's really behavioral meaning that the platform is looking at what people do and don't do to show them the right information so the next time that person logs in they can have access to the content directly and we know they've been onboarded so if you love this video please give it a thumbs up and let us know in the comments what you think about that onboarding idea i mean we've implemented this on hundreds of membership sites already and um it's a great way to really create that wow effect you could even have a one of the to-do's that is a some type of homework that is going to give them a quick win because remember when people join they are still wondering what's in it for them so if you can get that wow experience and that quick win then you can be guaranteed that they will stay loyal and stay for months after months after months i hope you enjoyed this video and if you did please give it a thumbs up and share in your groups in your profile anything that you know might benefit for this video and if you're not 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Stop guessing: set realistic goals with the Membership Success Calculator

okay so you got your hands on the membership success file calculator and uh in this video i'm going to show you how to best use it so that you can really get clarity on what it's going to take for you to get to your goals if you have a specific money goal but also what is the actual value of your membership right now based on the list that you have or the audience that you have so that you can set realistic goals for your membership as you get started all right so you have several fields that you can modify so the first one at the top is the pricing so this would be your funding member price the price that people are going to pay when they first join your membership so for example you have an ideal target price of uh 97 per month but you're going to get started for your funding members like a beta if you will at 47 a month and then the next number you want to look at is your funding members how many people do you plan to bring in first time like say you think you can bring in 50 people and then here you want to choose how long you think the members are going to stay so a typical membership that is not working so well will have people live at the two three months mark so let's say three months okay and then let's say you are able to bring 10 new members per month for example all right well if you look at those numbers that means that what you can expect to have as a recurring monthly income is 940 dollars for 50 people that pay 47 a month and that stay on average three months so people stay and then there is more people coming in okay now watch what happens when you can upgrade the retention to 10 months so same amount of work for you right whether this is 3 months or 10 months it's the same amount of work for you but look at the difference it's almost multiplied by 10 all right 4 230 dollars per month for the same price same number of people same effort on your part so you can see how the retention plays a big role in your revenues now the the other section that you have here is so this is helping you to like set expectations for your goals if you want to make 5000 amounts then you pretty much know okay i need to be that price people need to stay that amount of time and by the way 10 months is is not like huge unattainable okay it's totally doable especially when you follow certain rules of on-boarding and retention and engagement so and then if you you know you would need to build 50 members now if you're able to build 100 members to your um your funding member then you can see that you can get up to 80 000 per month right and then you can see that if they only stay three months then you're down to 9.40 if they say 12 months then your life down to 500. so if you can bring 100 and you can add 20 members per month here we go you are 10k all right so this is going to be really important when you're setting your price and your expectations of how many people you can get that number here is something that this is your membership that is going to affect right the engagement it's one they've signed up that you need to work on that but the pricing and the number of people is something that you can really start to focus on right now now the other part here is um addressing your current situation your current audience so people say sometimes you know i have lots of followers and it's great to have followers but those followers you don't know if they are buyers you don't know if they are here just following you for entertainment right you don't know if you actually have a solution to a problem that they are willing to pay for right your list however is a little bit warmer because they've given you their email their email address right so for example if you have a list of 2000 people and say that you think they are your target meaning that these people actually have the problem that you're solving and they are actively looking for a solution and say you do a five percent conversion rate that means if you you show them the offer and five percent of them you know sign up that's a hundred people and that's pretty good right so that means that gets you your 100 members right so you see here if you want to achieve eight thousand a month and you have a list of two thousand and you think you can convert them at five percent because you know these people are the right people and you're going to charge them 47 per month then that's what you can aim for in terms of revenues okay so this is meant to give you clarity on what's possible and for you to really not set unrealistic expectations or oh i have a list of thousands and yes they are all going to like it then they are all going to join right no you don't know to to find out that conversion rate actually either you know because you're having regular conversations or you want to start to survey your list tell them you know hey i'm thinking of building um you know creating this community this membership whatever it is that you want to create right and um this is what's going to do this is how it's going to help uh is that something you'd be interested in if you are click here and then you tag them in your email system so that you are building an interest list basically and you say well you know if you click here then i will let you know when i have more information because right now you don't have the price you don't know exactly what they're going to be getting or when but you're like just taking the temperature looking at your list and basically segmenting that list into the people that will be good candidate for this offer and the people that are not and from that interest list this is your one people this is your actual audience so this is the actual audience that you probably want to plug in here and then from these people then it's not five percent it's maybe 20 or 30 percent that you can expect right so so maybe you have uh 400 people that reply right and that say yeah yeah yeah definitely tell me more when you have a chance 20 convert that's 80 people okay so i hope you found this helpful you can use it many ways but obviously obviously hopefully it gives you clarity on you know what it takes to get to your revenue goal and then with your current situation your current list size what is the potential funding members that you can expect all right um if you want more clarity on that or if you want to chat feel free to book a call i think this link is going to get you to my scheduler so that you can book a 45 minute little conversations and i'll be happy to chat with you in and help you figure out where you're at and what could be the next step for you

Membership Tip – Who you need to be to standout from your competition

Do you want to build the membership sites? But there are already established memberships in your market and you're wondering if it's worth it if you can even compete with those. This video is for you. I'm going to share with you three things, things that you need to be not to do, but to be in order to make it happen and to stand out in front of that competition. Ready. Let's get started. So number one, you need to be human. Remember, always remember that people do business with people so they don't buy a product, they buy the result and the experience that you give them while they consume it. So if you bring your story into your business, you're why, why it is that you're doing it, people will buy why you do it more than the actual thing. And by being human and showing your story that by definition makes you unique, because as a person, you are unique. Right. So this leads into the second thing that you need to be is relatable. And the way you're being relatable again is by being human. But by also specializing so that your message really talks to people. So let me give you an example. If you want to build a yoga membership, a membership where you teach yoga, there are tons of memberships and apps on the phone that do that. So how do you stand out? All these people have established markets and audience. How are you going to come in as a newbie and take a piece of that market? It's not going to be by building a membership for everybody, men and women and young women and young moms and pregnant and people with health issues and people with back pains and people over 40 because it's too generic. Right. Your message is really not going to attract them specifically because there are already so many established memberships that do that already. However, if you specialize and if you say, well, I do yoga for young moms and their baby. I do yoga for pregnant women. I do yoga for people over 40. I do yoga for people working in the corporate. They don't have a lot of time. Right. So C suite level people and things like that. Maybe you do yoga for people with back issues. Maybe you do yoga for total newbies that are 50 plus. So you see that by doing this, yes, you restrict the market. But then your message is going to be so much more specific that the minute you start talking about their pain points. Like, whatever issue that specific market has, they are going to relate. They're going to say, oh, yes, that's me. Right. And that's how you can get the peace of this market. So that's number two be relatable. And then finally, number three is be creative. Right. It used to be that a membership was you do a monthly bundle every month, you give a new piece of content and that's enough for people to stay and consume that? Well, it doesn't work that way anymore because a lot of people can do that. So how do you stand out? You be creative. You create unique experiences from the moment that they on board, that they get in as a new member. But to attract those people, you have to make your offer attractive as well. So what is it that you can include inside the membership that others don't have? Could it be concierge services like extra services that they have access to only if they are a member? Could it be discounts and coupons for products and services that you know they use? So if I take the yoga example again, you know they're going to buy Mattes, you know they're going to buy yoga clothes. Probably right. So can you have a specific offer for them on that compared to another yoga membership that doesn't provide any of that? Right? You stand out. So think of the ways that you can be creative and provide even more value with your membership by bundling bonuses extra services perks that would make them choose you over somebody else. So I hope that you find this video helpful. If you are not subscribed to this channel, please click on the subscribe button and click on the little Bell so that you can be notified when I come up with a new video and please leave a comment below and let me know what your membership is about. How do you plan to stand out or how do you stand out and feel free to share a link to your membership? I love to see memberships that are actually out there. All right. Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you next time. Bye.

How to Choose Your Ideal Membership Model? The 7 membership Models you need to know

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How to set realistic Goals for your membership program

So how do you set up realistic goals for your membership program? Well, what you need to do is you need to look at the numbers, but not just any numbers. Right. Looking at your list size or looking at your or social media following is not enough to really set something that's realistic because even though they like you, they follow you. They might not be interested in that specific program or they might not be willing to buy from you. Right. So what do you need to do? You need to build what we call an interest list. So you need to invite people and have them raise their hand and say, I am interested. Please let me know more. Right. Let me know when it becomes available. So at this stage, what you're doing is you're inviting people. You're telling them about the idea and you want to gauge interest. You want to see if people want to know more, and that becomes your interest lead, that becomes your warm leads. Those are the people that you're going to launch to when you're ready to start getting members into your beta program, for example. Right. So you create that interest list. And from that list, you can determine how many people you can expect to get, because if you can't get people to raise their hand just for free, no engagement to say, tell me more, then how can you expect to sell to people? Right. So to build that interest list, you can invite people from your list. So you send them an email or a series of emails and you have them click on the link that is going to tag them and put them in that interest list. Right. You can invite people on social media. Right. So you can have a page that's an optin where they enter their name and their email. And when they enter that information, they get into your list and they can be notified when this becomes available. So what happens then, is when you create that interest list, you get them into an email sequence where you're going to nurture them. You're going to let them know how it's going, how you're progressing. But you can also use that opportunity to ask them questions about what they think should be in there, what they would be interested to see, because they can help you structure the membership in a way that works for you, but also for them. All right. So you build that interest list, and then from those warm lists, this is how you're going to be able to gauge expectations, how many members you can expect. So I have put a link below this video to a monthly recurring revenue calculator. And in that calculator, you're going to see that you can plug in your numbers, the number of your warm list of your list. If you think it's warm, the percentage conversion that you think you can get from these people based on are they your people. Are they just your list. If it's just your list, maybe it's three. 5%. If it's a one list, maybe it's 30% that you think you're going to convert, right. Maybe if it's a list of people that have joined your challenge, maybe it's 60% 70%. Okay. We've seen huge numbers in terms of conversion when they are in the right. When it's the right audience, they already knew the program, and they basically have already said, I'm interested, right. Typically, if they join your challenge, right. So you're going to see in that calculator that you can also have an idea of your monthly recurring revenue based on the price point, how long they stay and how many members do you think you can bring in every month? It's a really cool calendar. It's going to get you excited about the possibilities. But what's really, really important is that you start with realistic numbers and those realistic numbers are how many people are actually interested. And if it's your whole list that you're looking at, make sure that you pick a conversion number that is realistic, something like 3% or 5%, no more. All right. So I hope you find this video helpful to help you set realistic goals. Link below to the calculator so that you can start plugging your numbers and let us know in the comments, what are your goals? And when you're planning to launch this membership? And if you're not subscribed yet to the channel to get more of the membership videos, click on the subscribe button and on the little Bell so that you can be notified when we have new videos coming up for you. Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you in the next video.

3 reasons why you need to launch your online course or membership with a beta program

so you want to launch a course or a membership program you need to start with a beta test and i'm going to share with you three reasons why ready number one speed speed matters testing launching your beta is not about making money at this point is making sure that you are attracting your ideal members so that they can help you shape this program whether this is a course or a membership speed matters you don't want to spend weeks and months building something only to find out that this is not exactly what people wanted right reason number two this is an opportunity to get those special people involved in what your program is going to look like in terms of content support and accountability what do they need really to get the results so when you do a beta you're basically saying for a limited number of time a limited amount of time you're going to have access to the program maybe they have some special access to you as well so that you can really figure out what they need what they don't need and really shape this program so that it works both for them and for you and finally reason number three is cost it can cost a lot of money to design build launch create content there is video there is a lot of things that can be going on when you want to do a big launch you know running facebook ads and things like that so before you go in and you spend all that money uh because you have a great idea and you're completely convinced that it's going to work out running a beta program is going to allow you to really nail down what it's going to look like and who is really your ideal member so that when you launch you can really launch to that specific target and you know you have the offer that they actually not only need but want all right so um i hope i've convinced you that if you're looking to launch a course or a membership start with a beta program it's a lot faster it's cheaper and it's going to give you so much information around what this program is going to look like okay i hope you enjoyed this video if you are not subscribed to the membership lab yet click on the subscribe button and click on the little bell so that you can be notified when we put up a new video thank you so much for watching and i will see you next time

How to improve membership experience with a Resume Video Button

so here is a cool uh engagement feature that you might want to add to your membership site uh and basically that's the ability of people to go back to where they left off in a video i know this is something i've seen people say over and over is there a way where people can resume where they left off inside the video well with this specific plugin you can uh using uh it's using vimeo for the video and basically the way it works is uh when you're watching a video uh you basically have nothing to do it's just that you're watching a video so maybe i'm gonna go all the way through here this time right and so you play the video and then if i come back another time it's actually recorded per person where they left us so all they have to do is click on this and it's going to bring them in the video where they were and now we're ready to start the video again so this is a great way for people to be able to go back quickly where they left off let me know what you think of the video in the comments and i will see you next time on our next video if you're not subscribed yet please click on the subscribe button and on the little bell so that you can be notified when we come up with new cool videos