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4 criteria to go from membership idea to membership success

so how did you come up with a membership idea that is almost guaranteed to work this is what we're going to cover in this video so there are really four things that a membership idea needs to answer in order to be considered a great membership idea that will work ready number one it needs to be something that actually people really really want and by that I mean not that you think people what or that you think

you are you people and that you know what they want that you actually ask them that that's what they want right number two it needs to be something that they are willing to pay for and those are very two very different things right especially when you're talking about a hobby are not something that is about making money right so how big is the pain right or how much are they willing

to invest to actually learn that thing okay so that's number two number three it needs to be something that they are going to need ongoing support or ongoing learning material or accountability and that is to cover the recurring part right you want to make sure that they're not gonna come stay two months and then leave okay so it needs to be something that's sustainable right where you feel

you can continue to help them they will want to stay right and then finally number four let's not forget about you it needs to fit with your business but also with what you want to do what you're passionate about and what you're an expert at now you don't need to be an expert to run a successful membership but it does help right there are ways where you can actually become the

curator but that will be just subject for another video okay so back to our four things how do you come up with an idea that matches these four things well I guess you you figure that out right you actually need to talk to people so you have two choices here number one you already have an audience so you already have clients maybe you have one-on-one coaching or group coaching or you have

an online course and you have a client base and an audience that you can survey you can talk to to figure out how you can continue to support them next okay so those membership tend to work really really well because you've already established a relationship people have already spent money with you so that is that know you love you trust you factor that usually is already there all right

so this is one great way to come up with a membership idea and then validate it by talking to them the second option is if you don't have an audience yet so you could have an established business and an audience but you might want to build a membership on a totally different topic right maybe something you're passionate about and that you really want to start building a business around

it maybe building a movement or community right and have a bigger impact sharing what you know about that topic well if that's the case you're gonna have to do what you did for the other business you're gonna have to start by building an audience right because this is really the best way to get the people build an audience list real the waiting list build an interest list so that

people will tell you if they were interested willing to pay for it and if it's an idea that you can sustain and that you actually enjoy talking about all day long right so all these two options basically come down to one thing build an audience build an interest because if you're not able to build that interest list I can tell you you're not going to build up the membership for

sure alright so I hope you find is helpful if you're not subscribed to the channel yet please click on the click on the button below to subscribe so you'll be notified when we have new videos coming up thank you so much for watching please leave a comment below if you have any ideas on how to test the membership idea or if you have a membership idea and you're looking for feedback just

post in the comment as well and I will see you on the next video

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