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5 ways a membership can boost you 1 on 1 business revenues

in this video I'm going to share with you five ways that you can boost your one-on-one business with an online program if you're wondering if a membership site or if an online program could possibly fit into your business ecosystem you are definitely in the right place whether you're a coach you are a consultant your service based and you're working with clients individually this message is for you a lot of people think that you either have to work with people one-on-one or you have to have online programs but that could not be further from the truth in fact if you can manage to combine the two you can really skyrocket your business and that's what I want to share with you today so I'm not really telling you the co-founder of new software

marketing and the Membership lab this is the community where we support of past clients and our future clients in building recurring revenues with membership programs the reason I'm so passionate about memberships is that by adding a membership program to your existing business ecosystem you're going to be able to achieve several things you're going to be able to expand your reach to boost your revenues to add recurring income who doesn't want financial stability right especially in the time that we are in right now you will be able to even increase your one-on-one fees if you want you you're going to be able to be more selective about the people that you work with one-on-one and you're going to be able to offer to your pricing so that you can

type gather to people with different financial situations so before starting let me just say that there is nothing wrong with working one-on-one with people and in fact if you love it definitely keep doing it okay but the reality is that there is only so many people that you can work with one-on-one so if you want a bigger impact if you want to make more money and you don't want to be burned out by working too much trading time for money you have to find another solution and that solution might very well be a membership so let me share with you five options 55 chips that you can create right now to add your existing business ecosystem ready so the number one is what I call a membership that is an extension of your one-on-one business so this is a program

that people can sign up to after they've worked with you one-on-one so they are for your past clients basically they are a way to stay connected with you to continue to get some type of support accountability maybe it's a monthly group call or twice a month group call where they can come and ask questions and if you have a library of content online they keep getting access to that okay now what this is going to achieve is one you're not leaving money on the table after your coaching program is done because you can offer them offer them an opportunity to continue to get your support - you bring recurring revenues to your business so instead of having nothing when the coaching program ends you get them into a maintenance mode if you want so that they can keep

learning from you maybe there is a community element where they can also support each other and you keep top of mind so maybe they might be ready for your VIP coaching you know for your VIP day at some point or to join your retreat or to join another round of your one-on-one coaching so that's option number one option number two is that you can use a membership program as a place to prepare your members inside your membership to work with you one-on-one so this is for people that I've said I don't have the money I don't have the time I'm not ready this is not for me this is not a priority for me so for our price point you're gonna start to be able to build what I call the trust ladder so that's when people start to know you love you and trust you so that

they will eventually join your higher ticket program okay so basically they're gonna start to get into the first phase of the transformation the initial results that's going to give them the two so that they are more ready to work with you one-on-one and get you take you up on your high ticket offer so here you're going to be essentially preparing your members to be even more prepared to work with you one-on-one so that's option number two option number three is you can use the membership as an extension of your one on one offering and I like to call this term membership on steroids actually your coaching program on steroids and what it is is that you basically position the membership as a road map as a central library of content for your VIP clients so that they can

follow that between the sessions between the one-on-one course you can even use that for group coaching actually okay so basically when you work with people one-on-one you most likely give them steps to implement right and then you send them on their way and you very often you know don't hold their hand and you know you don't really have much touch points in between the sessions okay well this way you're going to give them access to a place where they can go back to and refer to in between the calls so guess what they are much more likely to have achieved the step gotten the results and as a result you're gonna get more testimonials they're gonna talk about you you're gonna get more referrals more clients but you're also gaining a big thing that we haven't

mentioned yet when you do this membership type of offer is that you're going to gain time because now all the time that you were spending repeating yourself all the time with your process your framework now they can learn that online on their own terms prepare you know be prepared for the session by having gone through the content beforehand and then when they come on the session with you you can focus on the real transformation you can really go deeper into answering question listening brainstorming sort of the the session become much more transformational for the members so I have this client name is Dominic and she's currently doing one-on-one coaching and she spends up to and I run a half on sessions and she was telling me that she keeps

repeating herself all the time now by creating a membership just like that so I'm gonna place the content that they can consume on their own that I really like the steps to follow we're gonna place that into a membership so that when she comes on the call she doesn't have to go through the content with every single person every time she can just focus on answering the questions so she's gonna be able to bring down the session from an hour and a half to maybe 45 minutes and the session is going to be so much more valuable for the client because they're gonna be able to go much deeper because she's not going to be in that teaching mode for the first you know like 30 minutes or so can you see how powerful that can be now I'm gonna share with you the fourth option here

and this first option is really the idea is to offer a membership as an alternative to the one-on-one so this is where you can take what you do one-on-one and turn that into some trainings that they can take all their own okay so the idea here is that this is a great option if you still want to be able to do one-on-one but you want the opportunity to be able to turn on and off the faucet so maybe if you're getting burned down burned out and you don't want any more one-on-one coaching you can close down that here and just have the membership open if you want more more coaching client or you need a cash injection you can open that sheer level but what this is going to achieve is it's going to allow you to serve people teaching your method your

framework supporting them in whatever it is that you do for them at different levels different price point so that you can really cater to the different financial situations that your clients are in I hope that you find this video helpful I've shared with you four options to create a membership offer that integrates in your existing ecosystem and that can really boost your business and your revenues and generate financial stability with those recurring revenues so if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up please comment below and let me know what if you liked it what what is one of the options that really speaks the most to you please leave a comment below and if you're not subscribed yet to our channel click on the subscribe button

and make sure you turn on notifications so that you can be notified when we post a new video thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time

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