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AccessAlly Add-on – How to get your clients to choose their password on signup

so today i want to show you a new access ally add-on that we've just added uh and this is basically a way for you to be able to have your a new students and members to choose their own password once they sign up so let me show you how that works so here we have another phone right and so people enter their name and their email i can type right so i'm going to enter 47

for example and then i'm going to click on next and then here i'm going to get to the second step of the order form i'm going to enter a coupon so i don't have to enter maybe ranks to enter my credit card because it's a 100 discount coupon here we go then here i'm going to enter my company information here we go and then here i'm going to click here

that i agree to the purchase conditions and click on pay now so traditionally when you click on pay now you would be redirected to a page where you'll have a congratulations message and very often a button so that you can be auto logged in or you'll have instructions on what happened next happens next an email is going to be sent to you and sometimes for people

that do not want to store the password in um your crm they would display the password and the client would have to copy it and go to the user profile and enter it before they can change we made the process a lot easier let me show you so i'm going to click on pay now and it's going to redirect me to a page where i have to choose my password it's not showing me the password that

access ally created for me in fact this page can be totally customized the only thing that stays is the new password password confirm and save password this here is totally customized you can even have a video if you want to you can make it more prominent you can have bold read or whatever you want but so once they get to this page they have to choose their password so

i'm going to enter a password and of course it's going to tell you if it's not correct when i click on save it is going to redirect me to the page of my choice so here it's going to redirect to the contact page because that's how i set it up but it also has the ability to tag the person so what we've done here in this demo is that the person that signs up and enters their password is going to be

tagged password chosen okay so that we know that the password was chosen so i'm going to click on save and now the password is saved only in xsli not in the crm but it's the password that the person chose and now i'm going to be redirected to the the page of my choice which was the contact form all right so this is now part of the membership launch box

and it is going to soon be part of the membership lab if you want to find out more just reach out to us and we'll be happy to answer any questions

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