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AccessAlly Tutorial – AccessAlly Coupons- Using 100% discount to test your setup

coupons in excess Ally are one of my favorites functionalities and to down this video I'm going to show you how I use it to test setup and how I specifically do this when I do delivery calls for the membership launch box for my clients and I show them how the student would sign up to their course of their membership and the experience that they will have so what we're going to do

is we're going to quickly create a hundred percent discount coupon code and we're going to apply it to another page and you're going to see what happens that's basically when I do when I deliver a call so here I go to access Ally products and then I go to promos and then in promos we're gonna create a new promotion here so I'm gonna call it coupon test so you basically have two

modes for coupon but here for the purpose of this video just gonna go through the simple mode you can select with which offers it applies to and here we're just gonna go all of us because we're just testing this then here you can decide if you want to be and a discount amount or percentage so we're gonna go pursuit age and I'm gonna say hundred percent and then here I'm going

to say yeah it's gotta be a coupon did you see this here CRM activated coupon that means that you can also create coupons that are activated by email so they are unique to every single member so that is pretty cool so you can also have a start time and an end time date so you can like have coupons that are good only for a period of time I'm not gonna do that then you give it a code so I'm just gonna call it

nitrox right now not for Natalie you CA not me the founder of access Ally then you can also limit the number of time the coupon can be used so for example if you only have 10 licenses or 20 people that you want to have join at a specific price then you can do that I'm just gonna leave it as minus one and click Save so now that I have this poor networks I'm going to visit an order form so this is an example of an

order form so it's actually a to step out of form I'll show you that in another video but right now let's just say I'm going to enter a an email address I'm going to click Next and then here I get to the second part where I should enter my billing information so it says it's 500 but with my coupon it's going to be juicy 2-0 but I'm still going to experience the same thing right

so when I do my delivery calls I just do that I still have to fill out this information so my address things like that then here by checking this box you agree to the purchase condition so that's that's a really cool feature I love to and then I'm just going to click on Pay Now so what's going to happen now is they've got they the person get gets added to access Ally and then logged in and we

direct it to this page and now if I click on access the course I'm going to be logged in as this new person it also just sent me an email that says I've just made a sale so that's another cool feature where you can be notified I really love this and then I am in so now if I go to my orders and subscriptions as this new person you can see that I have purchased this course on that date

and of course this is the amount so if it was a subscription I would see the details here but really what I wanted to show you is the coupon and how powerful that is because you can quickly test things right you don't have to enter a credit card but then if you want to use a coupon for a limited time or if you want to limit the number of people that can use it then you can totally do that

so I hope you found this video helpful if you are not subscribed to the channel yet you can click on the button below so you can be notified when I put up new videos thanks for watching and I will see you next time

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