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AccessAlly Tutorial – How to Generate a Certificate of completion

so in this video i am going to show you how to quickly and easily create a certificate of completion for when somebody uh completes your course successfully so um i'm going to use this uh demo site and we are going to set up a button on the module 8 page right here below the objective so when they click on the objectives a button here will show up that will allow them to display a certificate of

completion okay so what we're gonna do is we're gonna edit this page in wordpress uh we're using dv but it's gonna work with anything really uh and we're gonna scroll down to the section the progress ally settings and we're going to go to certificates we're going to create an ad click on add new you can give it a name and you can just leave it like that if you're just going

to have one and then the first thing we're going to do is we're going to upload a pdf for your certificate so you need to have a pdf with your branding and with the information that is going to be constant so that can be the name of the course that can be the name of your business maybe that can be a date right if you're doing different codes you know like uh fall 2000 uh full 2020

or something like that okay so i'm going to choose a template here uh so i'm going to pick the vertical gray as an example this is one of the templates that come with accessory you know for you to test um so it's not branded at all but that's okay for the purpose of this video so here it's uploading the pdf and then we're going to be able to add variables

in the places where we want to add more information like the name of the student and things like that so here it's uploaded so you can see what it looks like by default so of course you'll have something you know pretty and branded and this is just a basic one to show you so we're going to click on add new customization and you can see here that there is a lot of things that we can add

so the first thing we're going to do we're going to add the name you see that it's put it right here and then we can drag it to where we want it so i'm going to put it right here you can see that it's cut so i'm going to make this a little bit bigger like 180 which is good then i'm going to center this i'm going to make the font a bit bigger i can also change the font color

i can change the the actual font name uh this text here is for me to see here in the preview right and also when i download the a certificate you don't have to have something here it will automatically change it with the name of the student that is logged in okay but for you to see [Music] i am going to put something here okay next we want to put the date so i'm

going to add a new customization and here i'm going to choose the date right here and so i'm going to grab this and we're going to go where did you go come on come with me right here and i'm going to make that a little bit bigger as well so you see it's not big enough let's make it oops i click on the one thing here we go make this here

okay and then if you want you can put the name of the course here or any other text um you could have the name of the course directly on the pdf that's generated right or we can add it as a variable if you really want to use something like say you have lots of courses and you just want to create one certificate and have the variables in it you can do that as well

so here we're going to choose custom and the name is going to be the name of the course so let's say for example the power of memberships why not here we go the power of memberships course okay so what i what i put here is what will be displayed on the certificate what i put here is what i see in the preview okay so i'm going to grab this number three

and i'm going to put it right here if it will light me right here i'm going to make it a lot bigger 200 maybe 200 is too big no it's okay and then bigger phones for sure like that okay so as you can see you can add you know if you check here [Music] in the customization you can see the different you know months day custom you can do quite a bit of stuff

right here with the certificate once you're happy then what we want to do is we want to add this button right so we're going to scroll up to the page and again we're using divi and remember we want to add this button right below the objectives right so the objectives are right here so i'm going to open the objectives you can see they are being displayed right here

and i'm going to add the certificates i'm going to go access ally certificate download and you can see that there is only one because i have only one this is what the button is going to say here you can have a css class if you want your developer to customize the button further otherwise you just click on insert code so at this point

what this is going to do is that it's going to display the certificate no matter what and we don't want that right we only want to display it on completion so what we're going to do is we're going to select the certificate and we're going to go access ally progress base display so that means that we only want to display this button on certain condition and the condition is that hundred percent of the

objectives are completed so i'm going to do it for this page but if if you are using for example the welcome page to do the completion of the whole course then you would select your welcome page right here okay here i'm going to say current post that means that it's going to display the certificate when module 8 is completed okay so i'm going to click on insert

and you see that it's put this thing here at the you know before and after the actual certificate so i'm going to click save and update and now i'm going to refresh the page and now if i click then i have my download button right and i if i click on that i can download the certificate so i'm gonna download the certificate and then i'm going to open it

and you can see the name the power and the actual date all right so any any student that logs in they're gonna see their own name they're going to see the date where they actually download the certificate and then they will see any variables that you've put out there okay so i hope that you find this helpful if you did please give this video a thumbs up

and put a comment below to let me know what other videos you would like to see all right thank you so much for watching if you're not subscribed to the channel please hit the subscribe button so you can turn on notifications to know when we come up with more videos for you thank you

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