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AccessAlly Tutorial – How to manually add a member to your membership or online course

so I have been asked how do you add a person manually to a membership without having them go through the order form and pay okay so this is the case for example where you have aluminized and you want to give them access but you don't want them to go through the order phone process of course you can do a hundred percent discount but you can also just add them especially if you

already have them in your email system so let me show you how that works the first thing you want to do is you want to find out the tags that you need to give them in order for them to have access okay so that means here that I'm looking at my offer inside access a life I go to access and I products and I go to the offer and I see that I give people three tags made purchase member

active and lab as access right so now I'm going to go to active campaign which is what I use for that membership and I'm going to create a new automation that is going to be triggered by your tag that I called tml manual ad so it's a tag that you need to create beforehand okay and that's the tag that you're going to give to people if you want to give them access to the membership

without paying okay so this is going to be the trigger for the company and then all that I do is I give people these three tags so you can choose to give people the main purchase or not for me I I just do it because I assume that they've purchased in another place and that's also triggering the campaign to send them the welcome email okay but the part that's really important for the

actual access inside is the has access and then for me it's also the member active because I want to have a tag for people that are active and that have not cancelled okay and then you send this webhook here to basically synchronize with access Ally and create the user in access Ally okay so to find this URL you basically go to your access Ally account and you go to course wizard and it's

that URL right here okay so then if I come back here so once I've done that I know that when I give this tag manually in activecampaign it's gonna give people these tags going to create that account and then it's going to trigger the membership lap new signup automation so let me show you that automation right here so that's the automation that people get to when they pay right so successful payment if you

come back here into my office you see they get the mate purchase so now they are back in the same funnel if you want right so I'm going to add people to two lists this is you can ignore this part here this is where I basically add people as an athlete as well but you can ignore that part but then what's really important is they're gonna get their welcome email okay so that's basically

where they get their login password and then I send a notification to our team to let them know that we got a new amazing member now if you want to send a different welcome to people then what you can do is on this campaign don't give them a pure chase okay and then here add a send email and just welcome them you know as I'm an alumni or something like that that works too okay

just make sure that you add them to the right list if you need to all right so this is how do you manually add people into your membership or even an online course and making sure that they have access to the same thing as people that have paid if you enjoyed this video and you are not subscribe to our channel yet please subscribe below and I will see you in the next video bye

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