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AccessAlly Tutorial – How to segment your members during the onboarding process

everyone so in this video I am going to show you how using the power of accessor light we can segment our members as the join of memberships so here we are in the Membership lab our own membership and as you can see as part of our onboarding we have a section here what they can tell us if they don't have a membership yet if they are building a membership or if they already have a

membership so I'm going to show you how to do that so that you can tag people and you can know right from the in onboarding where they are in the process and that could totally be in sync with your word map or your success pass okay so the first step is to create those buttons and it's achieved in access Ally by going to access a like custom operations and so you're basically going

to create click on add new operation then here you're going to select add/remove tag here you're going to choose the tag for the button so you have to associate one tag per button okay so first go to your CRM create the tags then come back here and click on that thing singie here to refresh the tag then pick the tag okay so here we're going to create the button for I don't

have a membership so I call this tag inactive campaign tml member status : no membership okay so that's what I want a person to be tagged in the email system when they click the button okay so that difference the tag that's going to be applied next when I scroll down here you want to click on enable to enabled this operation inside the membership so what it's going to do is it's going to create

a shortcode here that you not don't need to copy right from right here actually you can but there is an easier way okay but basically here you're going to say what the button is going to say so I said that the button label should be I don't have a membership yet okay when they click on the button that is a pop-up that's going to show up so here optionally you can say

you sure right oh are you sure you know especially if the the the question you know like you would use it also like if people want to cancel a lot of things like that so if you want to pop up and you want to have a message then that's why you want you would put it okay I'm not going to add it okay then you can redirect people to a URL once they've click on that for me I just say I just

post a message and I say got it okay but you can say something else thank you or whatever that is okay and that's about it so once you do that you click on save and now you have this new custom operation so you can either grab this link and put it on your dashboard or I'm going to show you how I do it from from the the WordPress editor so here I'm editing the dashboard and of course this

is DV because this membership was built with the membership launch box the package that we have where we help entrepreneurs build their membership so we we used it for own membership okay and basically all we did is we created a text module and then we went access Ally and then here we went to custom operation and we chose level 1 no membership this is how I called it ok

and that's it then you click Save and then you have your button alright so the idea is to create a custom operation link it to a tag and then enable the operation inside the membership and then put this shortcode anywhere on the page that will create the button when somebody clicks on it it will give them that tag and it will also put a tag in the email system

alright so that's basically how you segment your members when they join the membership you can of course use it you know add at any time but for us we're really using it to really have a sense of where people are when they join if you enjoyed this video click on the subscribe button below to subscribe to our channel and be notified when we have more videos available

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