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AccessAlly Tutorial: How to tag a person when they download a file?

so in this tutorial video I am going to show you how with access a line you can easily tag people when they download a file through using custom operations okay so I'm here in the membership club I'm going to use this as an example this is one of the resources actually let me go back to the beginning this is one of the resources that we have where we have this tool where you can filter by

tagging the user and you can see that when I go to a product page I have a download button and this is just a regular download button that doesn't track anything so we're going to create a new button where they're going to be tagged when they actually download so the first thing that you want to do is you want to create a custom operation then I'm going to click here to trigger

the operation within the membership site and that is what's going to create the button okay I'm gonna change the label of the button I'm gonna say download the PDF I'm not going to have a pop-up so this is the message where they click on the button it can pop up a dialog and here instead of having a success message I'm going to redirect them to the actual PDF so they can download it so I'm gonna

paste the actual PDF okay and that's it so I'm going to click Save so the next step is I then want to add that button on this space of an editor page I am on TV here but if you're using elementary build or any of anything else you can do that with your own edit okay so I'm going to edit the product and you can see here that I already have my button and what I'm going to do here is I'm

going to add a text block and here I'm going to go access Ally custom operation test download PDF insert so download PDF patella that's just for me for my records and I'm going to Center this thing so it's centered and update and that's it so now if I go to this page if i refresh this page by if I come back to the product page and i refresh and I have this download the PDF okay

now I want to show you before I do that I want to show you my profile to show you that I don't have the time okay so this is my profile you can see that I've completed onboarding I'm an active member and this is my status but I don't have the PDF download time right so now I'm gonna click on download the PDF and here it is alright so now I can download it to my computer and save it not gonna do that

right but now if I go back to my profile and i refresh now I have to test PDF download it ok ok so this is basically how you create a button with a custom operation in access Ally to tag people when they download and the way you do it is you on the click you redirect them to the actual PDF I hope you found this tutorial useful let me know in the comments if it helped and if you're not

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