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Add a Cancel Button to your site in Less than 5 MINUTES!

accessorize making it really easy to set up an automated cancellation process so when you're going to access Ally and custom operations you can basically add a new operation here and in the drop down here you're going to pick subscription action and here you're going to select the recurring payment for which you want to be able to allow people to cancel so for example I'm

going to say my membership monthly and this monthly as well alright then here you're going to choose to your permission to perform cancel which is going to remove access at the end of the pay period by canceled payment right now so this is what it does in fact it is it's going to add the revoke access tag that you have set up in the product at the end of the pay period so they

continue to have access until it's about to renew ok here you have what the button is going to say what the pop-up is going to say and then what happens after after they've clicked on the button and what message is being displayed ok so let's give it a name and then what we want to do is put that button anywhere on the side so what I like to do is to put it on the page that

is called my orders and subscriptions that is part of the membership launch box so this is the dashboard and if we go to my orders and subscriptions here and we're going to put it here so we're going to go edit and then he I'm going to insert the text module in DV and I'm gonna go access Ally and I'm gonna choose first of operations and he I'm gonna scroll down to cancel membership button just gonna

give it a membership ship just a label so we can see what it is and click update so next to show you how this works I'm going to go grab a subscription that is a user that has a valid subscription so I'm going to go to access Ally purchase log I'm going to go to subscriptions and this also you can see this one can solve a client that's a test I did earlier so let's pick this

one enter mu plus t plus I'm going to go to the user remove all my test and during mu plus G Plus so it's this one so I'm going to switch to that user so this is a really cool way to test as a user right so now I am this user I'm not an admin anymore alright and I'm going to go to my orders and I should see that order right here and then I have the cancel button so if

I click on that see that's the label that we picked that's the text for the pop-up I say okay and now of course you can change the message to make it more me you know better but that's basically yet and now if I actually come back here and switch back to be an admin and now I go back to the others and subscriptions subscriptions you can see that this was canceled by the client

okay so payment will stop right away and then the revoke access for that membership product will be set up at the end of the pay period I hope that you found is helpful let me know in the comments if you liked it and if you're looking for more tutorial videos just let me know what you're looking for and I might just make a video fight

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