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5 ways a membership can boost you 1 on 1 business revenues

in this video I'm going to share with you five ways that you can boost your one-on-one business with an online program if you're wondering if a membership site or if an online program could possibly fit into your business ecosystem you are definitely in the right place whether you're a coach you are a consultant your service based and you're working with clients individually this message is for you a lot of people think that you either have to work with people one-on-one or you have to have online programs but that could not be further from the truth in fact if you can manage to combine the two you can really skyrocket your business and that's what I want to share with you today so I'm not really telling you the co-founder of new software marketing and the Membership lab this is the community where we support of past clients and our future clients in building recurring revenues with membership programs the reason I'm so passionate about memberships is that by adding a membership program to your existing business ecosystem you're going to be able to achieve several things you're going to be able to expand your reach to boost your revenues to add recurring income who doesn't want financial stability right especially in the time that we are in right now you will be able to even increase your one-on-one fees if you want you you're going to be able to be more selective about the people that you work with one-on-one and you're going to be able to offer to your pricing so that you can type gather to people with different financial situations so before starting let me just say that there is nothing wrong with working one-on-one with people and in fact if you love it definitely keep doing it okay but the reality is that there is only so many people that you can work with one-on-one so if you want a bigger impact if you want to make more money and you don't want to be burned out by working too much trading time for money you have to find another solution and that solution might very well be a membership so let me share with you five options 55 chips that you can create right now to add your existing business ecosystem ready so the number one is what I call a membership that is an extension of your one-on-one business so this is a program that people can sign up to after they've worked with you one-on-one so they are for your past clients basically they are a way to stay connected with you to continue to get some type of support accountability maybe it's a monthly group call or twice a month group call where they can come and ask questions and if you have a library of content online they keep getting access to that okay now what this is going to achieve is one you're not leaving money on the table after your coaching program is done because you can offer them offer them an opportunity to continue to get your support – you bring recurring revenues to your business so instead of having nothing when the coaching program ends you get them into a maintenance mode if you want so that they can keep learning from you maybe there is a community element where they can also support each other and you keep top of mind so maybe they might be ready for your VIP coaching you know for your VIP day at some point or to join your retreat or to join another round of your one-on-one coaching so that's option number one option number two is that you can use a membership program as a place to prepare your members inside your membership to work with you one-on-one so this is for people that I've said I don't have the money I don't have the time I'm not ready this is not for me this is not a priority for me so for our price point you're gonna start to be able to build what I call the trust ladder so that's when people start to know you love you and trust you so that they will eventually join your higher ticket program okay so basically they're gonna start to get into the first phase of the transformation the initial results that's going to give them the two so that they are more ready to work with you one-on-one and get you take you up on your high ticket offer so here you're going to be essentially preparing your members to be even more prepared to work with you one-on-one so that's option number two option number three is you can use the membership as an extension of your one on one offering and I like to call this term membership on steroids actually your coaching program on steroids and what it is is that you basically position the membership as a road map as a central library of content for your VIP clients so that they can follow that between the sessions between the one-on-one course you can even use that for group coaching actually okay so basically when you work with people one-on-one you most likely give them steps to implement right and then you send them on their way and you very often you know don't hold their hand and you know you don't really have much touch points in between the sessions okay well this way you're going to give them access to a place where they can go back to and refer to in between the calls so guess what they are much more likely to have achieved the step gotten the results and as a result you're gonna get more testimonials they're gonna talk about you you're gonna get more referrals more clients but you're also gaining a big thing that we haven't mentioned yet when you do this membership type of offer is that you're going to gain time because now all the time that you were spending repeating yourself all the time with your process your framework now they can learn that online on their own terms prepare you know be prepared for the session by having gone through the content beforehand and then when they come on the session with you you can focus on the real transformation you can really go deeper into answering question listening brainstorming sort of the the session become much more transformational for the members so I have this client name is Dominic and she's currently doing one-on-one coaching and she spends up to and I run a half on sessions and she was telling me that she keeps repeating herself all the time now by creating a membership just like that so I'm gonna place the content that they can consume on their own that I really like the steps to follow we're gonna place that into a membership so that when she comes on the call she doesn't have to go through the content with every single person every time she can just focus on answering the questions so she's gonna be able to bring down the session from an hour and a half to maybe 45 minutes and the session is going to be so much more valuable for the client because they're gonna be able to go much deeper because she's not going to be in that teaching mode for the first you know like 30 minutes or so can you see how powerful that can be now I'm gonna share with you the fourth option here and this first option is really the idea is to offer a membership as an alternative to the one-on-one so this is where you can take what you do one-on-one and turn that into some trainings that they can take all their own okay so the idea here is that this is a great option if you still want to be able to do one-on-one but you want the opportunity to be able to turn on and off the faucet so maybe if you're getting burned down burned out and you don't want any more one-on-one coaching you can close down that here and just have the membership open if you want more more coaching client or you need a cash injection you can open that sheer level but what this is going to achieve is it's going to allow you to serve people teaching your method your framework supporting them in whatever it is that you do for them at different levels different price point so that you can really cater to the different financial situations that your clients are in I hope that you find this video helpful I've shared with you four options to create a membership offer that integrates in your existing ecosystem and that can really boost your business and your revenues and generate financial stability with those recurring revenues so if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up please comment below and let me know what if you liked it what what is one of the options that really speaks the most to you please leave a comment below and if you're not subscribed yet to our channel click on the subscribe button and make sure you turn on notifications so that you can be notified when we post a new video thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time

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Should you keep your membership always open?

should you keep your membership always open or should you use the open closed card strategy this is exactly what we're going to talk about in this video and I'm going to share with you my takes on it based on the close to 300 membership sites that we've built so far I'm Natalie the renewal co-founder of new software marketing and the membership lab and let's dive in so I've been thinking about this and going back and forth with opening the membership all the time or doing the open closed card you know structure for the membership lab and I really had to go back and think about what my clients have been doing and what works and what doesn't and I really noticed something that I think is gonna be super helpful for you ready if you have a strategy to build your audience and to build a large waiting list if you have a team a launch plan maybe you have a plan to have some affiliates that can promote the your membership and you have someone that can take care of these affiliates then yes if you do a launch you're gonna get more money and bigger a bigger number of members you know when you launch obviously and then you can spend the rest of the time loving on your pay members and creating great free content for the people that haven't joined yet might not be quite ready so that they can start to love you know you love you and trust you and join your waiting list so that they'll be notified the next time you open okay so that works great if you have the strategy to build a large audience to build a waiting list and you have em you have the team behind you to help you do that launch otherwise launching alone is almost you know impossible okay on the other hand and that is the case for a lot of people if you're alone or if you have maybe just one VA and you're not used to these big launches and they're not really excite you in fact maybe they trust you out right then you definitely want to do an always open membership okay so if you think about why you want to build a membership in the first place are you doing it for the financial stability the steady income because if you do then doing the open clothes and doing launches is not going to achieve that right because you're back into the launch mode where oh my gosh I'm spending a lot of time and money on a launch let's hope and cross our fingers that it works so your income is not going to be stable right so you're going to go like this you're gonna go launch and then it's closed maybe you lose a bit of member then you launch again maybe you lose a bit of member okay versus if your membership is always open of course it's not gonna go up as fast but not fully hopefully it's quite steady like this okay in terms of number of members alright so if you're gonna keep it always open of course you want to entice people to join so how did you do that if you don't do launches well you can do promotions you can offer limited time bonuses maybe extra group life calls on for certain period of time so that for people on the fence it's an incentive for them to join like today and not wait for tomorrow when the bonus will be gone okay so those are really the two ways that I can think of and you can definitely start with always open and then going to launch mode when when you're wrecking revenue are big enough that you can hire the team hire the planners and you know have the whole launch plan you know built for you and then go even bigger but to get started I really I would really look at what is your zone of genius do you know how to build that list do you know how to build that waiting list okay and do you have the team and the support to make that happen so I hope that you found this helpful I don't know which one you feel is the best I know some people are going into the membership route because they are tired of launching and they just want a business that is more stable in everything in every way meaning in in what they do and also in there come alright so you're not gonna make as much money you know at the very beginning but if you if your study then you'll eventually get to your goal alright so I hope you found this useful let me know in the comments what strategy you plan to use membership always open or the open class open called closed called strategy and if you're not signed up and subscribe to our YouTube channel there is a subscribe button below please click on it and give us a thumbs up and of course comment below we'd love to hear from you hear about your membership idea and your open/close cart or launch strategy alright thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time

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Pivot Your Business and Add Recurring Income in just 2 days

are you interested in pivoting your business and adding recurring revenues in just two days to your business so that you can continue to support your audience your past clients and make it to a whole new level I'm not a little a new co-founder of the membership laughs and used after marketing and in this video I'm going to show you how to just do that so the key here is really to look into the people that you're already serving so if you already have clients the idea is to create a membership that is content less meaning you don't have to create hours of videos and things like that because very often what people need is they need support they need a place to ask that question very often they need a community so that they can support each other where they can keep each other accountable okay so this type of membership is actually a membership where you don't need to create content what you need however to do is to show up show up on call so maybe it's once a month twice a month with the Membership lab right now with what's happening with Cody 19 we show up three times a week in the lab to support our clients and all our members okay so the idea here is to fast-track the validation process you know of the idea is we need to go into supporting the people that you've already supported that already trusts you they've already paid you they are past clients and if you got them results and they were happy you are probably leaving money on the table anyway okay so the idea is to pick up the phone talk to a couple of past clients figure out what type of support they might need chances are they are not the only one okay then you can start inviting people it doesn't require you to create a new website anything like that right now it just requires you to take action be clear on what you're gonna be delivering what calls how it's going to happen maybe it's zoom then you can think of putting it in that inside a platform so that they can have access to the replays they can post their questions in advance and things like that okay now if you don't have clients yet and you want to do that and add this recurring revenue to your business ecosystem you can look into your audience that's your list your followers on social media so of course the relationship there is not as strong as with a past client so you're gonna have to work a little bit harder there but if you have a free Facebook group or if you've been talking to your list regularly or interacting on social media regularly find out what is their biggest pain point or what is the thing that brings them joy right now especially if you're in the hobby business right you're teaching how to paint or how to draw or whatever it is right find out what is the one thing that people would be willing to pay for now and again the best way is to talk to them right so you can say you know I can send surveys and stuff like that talk to people pick up the phone send the messenger email so that you can quickly identify what that pain point is what that problem is that you can solve and see how you can turn that into a content less membership that's focused on a community and then access to you and maybe some experts so that they can ask question they can feel listened to and it can basically get some accountability okay this membership this is something that you can come up like within like two days I literally have clients where we're going to build a bigger membership but they just got started with this and they are getting people signing up right now because you this is something you can pre-sell you can sell it now and say we start the calls in two weeks okay so that's a great way for you to not only add a new revenue stream to your business but also to pivot more online to something that's more scalable to probably what you've been doing so far okay so I hope you found this useful if you do please give it a thumbs up comment below on what your membership idea is going to be if you're watching this video until now that probably means that this was for you so let us know also join the membership lab it's de Membership lab calm and don't forget to subscribe to the channel if you and already there is a subscribe button on the bottom right corner of this video so that you can subscribe and be notified when we come up live next time thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time

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AccessAlly Tutorial – How to segment your members during the onboarding process

everyone so in this video I am going to show you how using the power of accessor light we can segment our members as the join of memberships so here we are in the Membership lab our own membership and as you can see as part of our onboarding we have a section here what they can tell us if they don't have a membership yet if they are building a membership or if they already have a membership so I'm going to show you how to do that so that you can tag people and you can know right from the in onboarding where they are in the process and that could totally be in sync with your word map or your success pass okay so the first step is to create those buttons and it's achieved in access Ally by going to access a like custom operations and so you're basically going to create click on add new operation then here you're going to select add/remove tag here you're going to choose the tag for the button so you have to associate one tag per button okay so first go to your CRM create the tags then come back here and click on that thing singie here to refresh the tag then pick the tag okay so here we're going to create the button for I don't have a membership so I call this tag inactive campaign tml member status : no membership okay so that's what I want a person to be tagged in the email system when they click the button okay so that difference the tag that's going to be applied next when I scroll down here you want to click on enable to enabled this operation inside the membership so what it's going to do is it's going to create a shortcode here that you not don't need to copy right from right here actually you can but there is an easier way okay but basically here you're going to say what the button is going to say so I said that the button label should be I don't have a membership yet okay when they click on the button that is a pop-up that's going to show up so here optionally you can say you sure right oh are you sure you know especially if the the the question you know like you would use it also like if people want to cancel a lot of things like that so if you want to pop up and you want to have a message then that's why you want you would put it okay I'm not going to add it okay then you can redirect people to a URL once they've click on that for me I just say I just post a message and I say got it okay but you can say something else thank you or whatever that is okay and that's about it so once you do that you click on save and now you have this new custom operation so you can either grab this link and put it on your dashboard or I'm going to show you how I do it from from the the WordPress editor so here I'm editing the dashboard and of course this is DV because this membership was built with the membership launch box the package that we have where we help entrepreneurs build their membership so we we used it for own membership okay and basically all we did is we created a text module and then we went access Ally and then here we went to custom operation and we chose level 1 no membership this is how I called it ok and that's it then you click Save and then you have your button alright so the idea is to create a custom operation link it to a tag and then enable the operation inside the membership and then put this shortcode anywhere on the page that will create the button when somebody clicks on it it will give them that tag and it will also put a tag in the email system alright so that's basically how you segment your members when they join the membership you can of course use it you know add at any time but for us we're really using it to really have a sense of where people are when they join if you enjoyed this video click on the subscribe button below to subscribe to our channel and be notified when we have more videos available

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AccessAlly Tutorial – How to manually add a member to your membership or online course

so I have been asked how do you add a
person manually to a membership without having them go through the order form
and pay okay so this is the case for example where you have alumni and
you want to give them access but you don't want them to go through the order
form process of course you can do a hundred percent discount but you can
also just add them especially if you already have them in your email system
so let me show you how that works the first thing you want to do is you want
to find out the tags that you need to give them in order for them to have
access okay so that means here that I'm looking at my offer inside access ally
I go to access ally products and I go to the offer and I see that I give
people three tags made purchase member active and lab as access right so now
I'm going to go to active campaign which is what I use for that membership and
I'm going to create a new automation that is going to be triggered by your
tag that I called tml manual add so it's a tag that you need to create beforehand
okay and that's the tag that you're going to give to people if you want to
give them access to the membership without paying okay so this is going to
be the trigger for the campaign and then all that I do is I give people these
three tags so you can choose to give people the made purchase or not for me
I just do it because I assume that they've purchased in another place and
that's also triggering the campaign to send them the welcome email okay but the
part that's really important for the actual access inside is the has access
and then for me it's also the member active because I want to have a tag for
people that are active and that have not cancelled okay and then you send this
webhook here to basically synchronize with access Ally and create the user in
access Ally okay so to find this URL you basically go to your access Ally account
and you go to course wizard and it's that URL right here okay
so then if I come back here so once I've done that
I know that when I give this tag manually in activecampaign
it's gonna give people these tags going to create that account and then it's
going to trigger the membership lab new signup automation so let me show you
that automation right here so that's the automation that people get to when they
pay right so successful payment if you come back here into my offers you see
they get the made purchase so now they are back in the same funnel if you want
right so I'm going to add people to two lists this is you can ignore this part
here this is where I basically add people as an affiliate as well but you can
ignore that part but then what's really important is they're gonna get their
welcome email okay so that's basically where they get their login password and
then I send a notification to our team to let them know that we got a new
amazing member now if you want to send a different welcome to people then what
you can do is on this campaign don't give the made purchase okay and then
here add a send email and just welcome them you know as I'm an alumni or
something like that that works too okay just make sure that you add them to the
right list if you need to alright so this is how do you manually add people
into your membership or even an online course and making sure that they have
access to the same thing as people that have paid if you enjoyed this video and
you are not subscribe to our channel yet please subscribe below and I will see
you in the next video bye

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How to Setup Payment Fail Followup with AccessAlly under 5 minutes!

in this quick access Ally tutorial I'm
going to show you how to easily set up a payment failure follow-up for your
record programs okay so the first thing that you want to do is make sure that
when you create your recurring product if you're using the course
result that you have a revoke access for the revoke tag so basically every page
that is going to be created within that membership when you set it up with the
course wizard will have that revoke tag in the setup of the page so that if
somebody has the revoke tag they don't have access to the page okay so that's
what we use to remove access alright the next thing is on your product that
you create in the automation tab you want to have these three tags
the first one is payment success and this is to identify a payment successful
I'll share with you in a minute why it's helpful then you have the payment failure notification that's the one that is going to trigger a campaign and in this
video I'm going to show you with activecampaign how that works and then
here you want to put the tag that you want to set up on revoke meaning to
revoke access and that's our revoke tag alright so now we're going to go to
active campaign and we're gonna go to the payment failure automation so it is
going to be triggered by the payment failure tag that which are set up in the
product and the first thing it's going to do is it's going to remove the
payment success tag and then it's going to send a payment failed notification
sending them to the order page so that they can change their credit card okay
next what we're going to do is we're going to wait for a number of days so
I'm going to wait for four days for example let's give them four days to fix
this and then I'm going to check if I have a successful tag right your
successful payment tag successful payment
success and if I do great that means that they got the email they fix the
thing so what I do then is I remove the payment fail tag this one right and I
end the automation and we are good if not that means that in the four days they haven't
gone and fixed the thing and the payment still hasn't gone through right so what
I would do in that case for me is I would send a notification to myself and
then I will manage it manually but you can choose to send them more reminders
if you want to payment failure no action for and then you can give the name of
the person first name last name right and then here we can personalize the
email and you can put some copies so this is to send an email to yourself or
to someone on your team to please take care of this and reachout personally
or something like that add and that's it and make sure you mark it as active and
that's how you set up payment failure follow-up

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