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EP #114 – One Epiphany at a Time with Tania Carriere

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EP #114 – One Epiphany at a Time with Tania Carriere

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Tania Carriere, Epiphany Designer and Founder of Advivum Journeys

As a coach, retreat leader and sabbatical designer, I curate immersive journeys to support and inspire the exploration of life’s biggest questions and the discovery of untapped possibilities”.


Combining novel techniques from psychological and creative disciplines, with heartfelt compassion and soul, Tania guides others through transformational travel experiences, inspiring them to tap into their authentic self and discover what it means to live their ‘best life’. Drawing from 25 years’ executive coaching, a career in the performing arts and extensive travel she is an industry leader in transformational design and creates glorious immersive retreats for private clients and wellness properties while nurturing enduring coaching relationships around the world. 


Tania is the founder of Advivum Journeys, a global retreats company and industry leader in Transformational Design.  She is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, holds an MPA from Western University, and has been featured in Psychologies Magazine, The Telegraph and the Guardian.  She has a background in performing arts and has travelled to 77 countries.  She is always searching for experiences that open our hearts and connect us to a vibrant way of living.

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