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How to Create High Quality Transcripts Fast for your Membership content audio and videos

Hi Nathalie Dorémieux here and today in this video I am going to share with you a really really cool tool called this tool is really going to change the way we provide transcripts for online courses and membership programs but also for your public website if you have a podcast or if you have audios or videos on your public site so what this tool is doing is it's allowing you to create transcripts very easily

either by recording directly on the plateform it has an app that you can install on your phone or by uploading an audio or a video and I am going to share with you I am going to do a quick demo to show you the quality so there are 3 things I really love about this tool, one is that the quality is great this is the only tool that I know that can pick up my name the second one is the speed so you will see that when you talk directly it's going to

actually process the transcript right away and I have done a little test here with a podcast that had that is thirteen minutes and it took fifteen minutes to get it transcribe so I have a whole bunch of keywords here you can see it have speaker one and two which is me and Natalie MacNeil and then the third thing that I really like about it is the price there is actually a free version that gives you access to

six hundred minutes/ month which is quite a lot right so definitely worth testing now let me show you exactly what I mean by quality and how it can be used so you can import here audios videos past podcasts or videos that you have in your online course your membership program or even you know your podcast but I am going to do a little demo and you're going to see exactly how that works live so I am going to click on start

recording and I am going to start talking Hi my name is Nathalie Dorémieux and this is a tutorial video so I am going to stop so if I click here you can see that it's processing the conversation meaning that the text is going to be available very shortly so now what I can do is I can clikc here and I can click on export so it's actually still in progress but let me see if I click on export here I can export a text file

PDF I can also have speaker name's here showing up or not so especially when you have more than one person talking and then time stamps so if I do this for example for the podcast interview that I had done and I go into export then I can add the speaker name's so you can see the speaker name's would be here right and the time stamps which I added so you can continue and it will just download

to your computer so really really cool tool that will save you a lot of time I like the quality so that you are going to have to go and do a little twix especially if you have an accent like me but such a time saver so I hope you enjoyed this little video tool and if you want more tips tool and resources and strategy around membership programs then join the membership experiment this is my free community

where I support entrepreneurs who want to leverage their expertise and generate recurring revenue with membership programs

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