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How to design a great cancellation process?

hi everyone natalie de grenier here and today we are going to talk about consolation processes and how do you make them work for you and for your members as well so this is a question that i'm get asked that i get asked a lot it's like natalie how how what do you advise us to do how should we set up this cancellation and i always say the same thing treat people the way you would like to

be treated and for me that means that if i belong to some a membership or something where i pay a recurring subscription i want to be able to have control over when i stop the payment i want to have a button that says i'm cancelling right now okay so hopefully that is helpful to you like treat your people the way you would like to be treated now what i can tell people is

that you do want to make the process the decision to cancel hard but once people have decided to cancel you should make it easy that's how i see it so uh what we do for example in the lab is that when somebody wants to cancel they have a button inside the membership that they can click when they click on it it goes to a

cancellation page where we're first going to uh try to figure out if we can help them like we're sorry to see you go is there anything we can do um are you feeling overwhelmed with the content do you need a different type of support do you do you need to talk to not only one do you want support one-on-one right um are you overwhelmed by the content uh maybe maybe you don't need the

membership anymore you you got it all figured out and and you're good right so people have an opportunity there to voice either their concerns their questions and things like that but there is a button there where they can cancel their payment right away and it will cancel their access at the end of the pay period now we can do that because we use wordpress in

our favorite wordpress plugin called access ally but not every system allows you to do that so you also want to take into account what is your current infrastructure what is your current framework allowing you to do but at least that's what we do so i hope you find this helpful basically look at how you would want to be treated and and do that for your members okay i hope that you found this helpful

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