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How to Embed a Calendar inside your memberships

one of the best ways for your members to show up to your calls is uh to be top of mind right so that they know when the calls are happening and they can uh you know make plans you know in advance to make sure that they can uh show up so the way i like to do this on top of putting the zoom calls inside the membership so let me show you here in the lab we have the buttons here that directly start the zoom

for that for weekly calls but what i'm going to do as well here is i'm going to embed a calendar so that they can quickly add these calls into um their own google calendar so that they can be reminded and they will never forget and if they can and they can decide to join or not mine happen to be q and a calls so people can show up if they have a questions but they just know i'm available twice a

week basically so the way you would do this is you would go to your google calendar and you would create a new calendar so you would click on the plus sign go to create new calendar and i'm going to call it uh um weekly calls right for example you can give it a description you select your time zone i'm going to keep paris european time for me because that's where i am

and i create the calendar so now that it's been created i can go and configure it so you can click here to configure it so you need to make it public so that people can uh see it uh but what you will want to do is you want you will want to embed it so before we do that let's go back here so you can see now weekly calls is right here and i can decide to add calls so i can

say um test call actually you know what i'm not going to do that here i'm going to do that here right so i'm going to say test call and then here you choose you know the calendar that it goes to so it's going to be this one so by default it's purple you can change the color right here we go now it's green okay so you add your calls to this calendar

change the color if you want to and this is how it's going to show up on yours but it's also how it's going to show up on theirs and it will be in that other calendar because they don't own the calendar but they can see it so now once you've created it you want to grab the code to embed it into your site so you're going to click on those three horizontally

three dots here click on the setup and sharing and we're going to go to embed uh here and you're going to grab this code ctrl c and then we're going to edit this page which i have opened here already and then we're going to insert a text block for example i mean db here but that works with any theme i'm gonna click save update open and now i have the calendar you can see

that my test call is here at 7.
now the great thing is that you can see here the plus sign that will add this calendar automatically to um their uh calendar okay so you basically want to tell them by clicking on this they can actually add the calendar to their own calendar so that they can always be uh reminded okay so i hope that you find this helpful this is a great way for

people that you know are part of your group programs where you have regular calls and you want to make sure that you are top of mind and that they don't forget and that's a great way and easy way for them to always have it in their calendars if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and if you're not already subscribed to the channel please click on the subscribe button

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