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How to get Your Online Program right the first time

are you looking to create an online program but you don't know if it's gonna be a membership if it's going to be of course what it's going to look like but you want to get it right the first time I'm going to share with you three questions that you absolutely need to answer before you do anything else but if you start to look around for tools or for strategy is going to divert you from

the three very important things that you need to tackle and nail before you even get started okay so let me share with you those three questions question number one is who do you want to help online and don't say everybody because that's not possible okay what do you want to help why do you do this in the first place do you want to continue to support your past clients maybe people

that have purchased high ticket programs from you in the past and you know you've let them down because you don't have anything for them after you know they finished the service with you maybe you want to start serving the people that are your followers you know your social media followers maybe you have a large list or a large following you're like okay how can you how could I support

these people and monetize this audience that I have built or maybe it's a brand new passion that you want to explore right or you've had a passion for a while but you want to start exploring it as a business whatever that is the first thing that you need to decide is who you want to serve now I have quite a few clients we will have several memberships in fact pora written the owner of the

yoga Success Academy she's got three now okay so it doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice all your other ideas but for the sake of creating and launching a program stick with one or just where you want to serve question number two what problem you're solving for them and it's got to be really really clear it's going to be a problem that you've identified so either you

know about it because they oh you're going to survey them and you're going to find out if it's really a problem that they have or if it's a problem you think they have because that's the the best way to fill and a program is to think that we know what people want okay so that's the question number two you need to answer what problem you are solving for these people

and then question number three is how what does that look like but only when you know who and what you can start looking at the how and how is going to be a combination of two things it's going to be a combination of how what is the best way to get them the solution okay it's the solution number three and that depends on how they like to learn and how what is the best format for that

but it's also a combination of what you want to do how much do you want to be involved how much do you want to give of your time how much is going to be self-learning and how much is going to be life okay remember that when you build an online program you're building it to scale and reach a much bigger audience but you're also building it so that you can leverage your time and your

expertise and that means making sure that you designed a program in such a way that it fits within your lifestyle and not the other way around okay so until you've laid nailed these three questions what you want to work with who you want to serve online to what problem you're going to solve for them and you need to be clear on that and three the solution how you're going to solve it

until you've answered these three questions there is no point working on anything else okay so I hope you found this helpful I have some resources below for you to help you get clarity on that you're going to see case studies there is a monthly recurring revenue calculator in case your goal is to I don't know do like five key or mods thank you months with a membership and

you can clearly see what it looks like with the current size of audience that you have how much you want to charge for mods how many months you think they're going to stay gonna get really really clear on how feasible your goal is so have you answered those three questions is it really really clear for you tell me in the comments I want to know and if you have any questions just

post them I'd be happy to help if you're not sign up to our Channel please click on the subscribe button and turn on the notifications so that you can be notified when we come up with a new training like this thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time

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