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How to improve membership experience with a Resume Video Button

so here is a cool uh engagement feature that you might want to add to your membership site uh and basically that's the ability of people to go back to where they left off in a video i know this is something i've seen people say over and over is there a way where people can resume where they left off inside the video well with this specific plugin you can uh using uh it's using vimeo for the

video and basically the way it works is uh when you're watching a video uh you basically have nothing to do it's just that you're watching a video so maybe i'm gonna go all the way through here this time right and so you play the video and then if i come back another time it's actually recorded per person where they left us so all they have to do is click on this

and it's going to bring them in the video where they were and now we're ready to start the video again so this is a great way for people to be able to go back quickly where they left off let me know what you think of the video in the comments and i will see you next time on our next video if you're not subscribed yet please click on the subscribe button and on the

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