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How to keep your members longer inside your membership retention strategy #2

written just strategy tip number two so one of the ways that you can help get your members stay longer inside your membership is to provide what we call a monthly round up email and that one up email is probably something you might have seen if you belong to some popular memberships what it does the purpose of this email is really to let all members know what's been going on in the last

week or months inside the membership so this is where you can put Quick Links to threats in the Facebook group or in the forum if you have a forum it's also the place where you can share the content that has been dripped that month so what this is going to achieve is that for people that are members but that haven't really interacted in the past months in one email you give them shortcuts and

Quick Links to click and right away get back into the membership and start engaging so this is going to really make members feel like they are not missing out because you are giving them like the juiciest the best off of the month and you can even choose to have like a monthly member like a member of the month if you'd like and then showcase someone that has been particularly

engaging or supportive for other members so this monthly email or even weekly email is a great way to keep your member engaged and therefore to return them inside your membership longer if you liked this tip I have more for you coming you can click on the subscribe button if you're new to this channel and I will see you next time

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