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How to mark membership site videos as favorite, bookmark them to watch later + searchable notes!

hi Natalie Doran you're here and I'm really excited to show you a brand new feature that we've officially added to the membership lunchbox and that is the ability to favorite videos being able to enter notes that are actually searchable so that people can at any time go back to videos that they've bookmarked videos that they've favorited and search for that content so thanks to shortcodes you

can now display those favorite videos the search section where they can enter such terms that they might have written previously in notes we've also added the ability to bookmark videos and that works right now with vimeo at the time of recording this video basically they can go back to their bookmark content and see all the videos that have been bookmarked so that they can quickly get

access to those we also have the completed content functionality which is basically where when they watch a video until the end that video will automatically be added to the completed video content so if we watch the video until the end here then the video will be automatically added to the completed content section so that your members can easily go back to that content

now we're really excited to provide these new features to the membership lunchbox if you're interested by this feature and if you think that your members will enjoy them then please reach out to us so that we can make you a demo and see if that is something that would work for you

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