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How to pick an idea for your membership program

so how do you pick a membership idea and run with it and validated this is something that I get asked a lot and that of them we often get people stuck into the I would love to have a membership I'd have no idea what it looks like so let me give you a hint there aren't really two situations here the first one is you already have an audience so you have a client base

maybe you've sold a one-on-one coaching group coaching an online course you've done a retweet an event workshops basically you have a tribe already of people and you've already identified the struggle that they have okay and maybe even better you've already helped them they've already purchased something from you if that is the case a great way to pick an idea is to first look at the

ideas that you have that you would love to build a community around but also to talk to these people talk to them and find out if that's something they would be interested in and what that would look like would that be a community would that be support would that be accountability would I be extra content or maybe you are in this situation where you don't have an audience yet or you

have an audience but it's your list or your followers and you're not exactly sure how you can support them and what that would look like so if that is the case what you want to do is you want to start building and interestly so you want to start interacting with people on the idea so that you can really gather a list of people that are interested in this topic so that you can keep you know

you can start nurturing them on that topic and and survey them and ask them you know about ideas and get them involved into shaping that membership idea what that could look like of course you want it to fit your business and you're probably doing this because you want to scale maybe you want to work a little bit less you want to create record revenues and you want to scale

and maybe get some free time back but you also want to make sure that it fits your audience right so you either have Georgia so you're gonna build your deals between any case you really need to build an interest list from that people that are raising their hand and now saying yes I am interested please tell me more okay because I can tell you one thing if you are not able to build a waiting list you sure I'm not

gonna be able to sell it to them right so I hope you found this useful if you are not subscribed to the channel please do so by clicking on the button below and so that you'll be notified when a new video comes in all right I'll catch you later

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