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How to pick the right tools for your online business and end the struggle!

are you struggling to pick the right tools for your online business or are you wondering if you made the right choice i mean this is something that literally everybody goes through and this is actually a step that is stopping a lot of people from even taking action because they're just not sure what to choose and the number one mistake that they make is they start asking online

what is the belt's tools for this or what is the best tool for that and they're really going about it the wrong way because when you ask people they're all going to tell you what they use very often they're going to tell you it's the best tool in the world and then you're going to have all these choices and at the end you're going to feel probably even more overwhelmed

okay but fortunately there is a way to pick the right tools for the job and it's to start with what you actually need so it's not even looking at the tools it's looking at what do you need okay what functionalities do you need whether this is for your email system whether this is for your video creation video editing whether this is for your online course or your

membership site okay let's not even talk about the tool the tool is just the tool it's the tool that's going to make it happen but before you pick the tool you have to make a list of the things that it actually needs to do okay and that is going to clear a lot of this overwhelm that you have with the tool where everybody is telling you oh this is the best this is the best this is the best

and you have no idea it could be the best for them but it might not be for you okay now when it comes to uh online courses and membership site which is what at new software marketing you know we help people uh design and build um we basically tell that's how we work with our clients we tell them they are like two schools really school a is people that want to use

an all-in-one platform you know those pre-made platform you know the kajabi the car try the project you know it sounds like there is one coming up you know every month and there is nothing wrong with this platform but what they are do but what they are doing is they are achieving a very specific thing right so if you want to go with a pre-made platform like that because you think

it's going to save you time you think it's going to save you money okay but then what you do is you pick the tool then you figure out what are the best features of that tools then you also figure out what are the things that it cannot do and then you build your business around that and this is the best way to get the most out of this tool

that is going to have its limitations because it's all in one and there is no way that it can do everything perfectly okay so if you want to go with a pre-made platform like the teachable the cachabi the cartridge the thinkific then find out what the tool does really really well and then build your business build your offer around that okay now on the other end if you're

someone who wants to create a more uh custom experience like um like a customized onboarding experience you want more gamification more progress tracking then you design your program you design the structure how people are going to get content when um are you going to have a reward mechanism and accountability built in into the system and then you find the tool that can make it happen

all right so those are really the two different schools either you pick the platform you learn the platform and you run your business around it or you design your programs and then you pick the tool okay and that is the best way to pick the tool that will actually do what you want it to do let me know in the comments if you're struggling with your tools what it is

that you're struggling with have you identified exactly what you need and what are the specific features that you're looking for and then i'm happy to answer any comments below if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up put a comment and uh turn on notifications so that you can be notified when we come up with new training like this thank you so much for watching and i will see you

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