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How to retain your members inside your membership tip #1

retention strategy number one provide an amazing onboarding experience for your members when they join your membership so from the time that they purchase to when they get access to the content you want to make sure that your members really feel welcome and there are number of ways that you can do this the first tip here in this video and I'm going to share with you is how you can

create a great onboarding experience so one way that you can do this is create a welcome video that is basically going to be a tour of your platform it's going to show them where the content is if you have content that's being duped when it is being draped if it's going to be live and when and where and where they're going to be able to watch the replay you can also talk about how they can get

support where they should go if you have a community this is the time where you want to tell them things that they need to do right now so maybe it's filling out their profile maybe it's joining the Facebook group and introducing themselves so what are the things that you want ideally you remember to do once they join just to make sure that they really feel welcome and integrated into

the community so I hope you enjoyed this video if you want more tips like this and you are new to our YouTube channel click on the link below to sign to subscribe to the channel and I will see you next time

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