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How to set realistic Goals for your membership program

So how do you set up realistic goals for your membership program? Well, what you need to do is you need to look at the numbers, but not just any numbers.
Looking at your list size or looking at your or social media following is not enough to really set something that's realistic because even though they like you, they follow you.
They might not be interested in that specific program or they might not be willing to buy from you.

So what do you need to do? You need to build what we call an interest list.
So you need to invite people and have them raise their hand and say, I am interested.
Please let me know more.
Let me know when it becomes available.
So at this stage, what you're doing is you're inviting people.
You're telling them about the idea and you want to gauge interest.
You want to see if people want to know more, and that becomes your interest lead, that becomes your warm leads.

Those are the people that you're going to launch to when you're ready to start getting members into your beta program, for example.
So you create that interest list.
And from that list, you can determine how many people you can expect to get, because if you can't get people to raise their hand just for free, no engagement to say, tell me more, then how can you expect to sell to people? Right.
So to build that interest list, you can invite people from your list.

So you send them an email or a series of emails and you have them click on the link that is going to tag them and put them in that interest list.
You can invite people on social media.
So you can have a page that's an optin where they enter their name and their email.
And when they enter that information, they get into your list and they can be notified when this becomes available.
So what happens then, is when you create that interest list, you get them into an email sequence where you're going to nurture them.

You're going to let them know how it's going, how you're progressing.
But you can also use that opportunity to ask them questions about what they think should be in there, what they would be interested to see, because they can help you structure the membership in a way that works for you, but also for them.
All right.
So you build that interest list, and then from those warm lists, this is how you're going to be able to gauge expectations, how many members you can expect.
So I have put a link below this video to a monthly recurring revenue calculator.

And in that calculator, you're going to see that you can plug in your numbers, the number of your warm list of your list.
If you think it's warm, the percentage conversion that you think you can get from these people based on are they your people.
Are they just your list.
If it's just your list, maybe it's three.
If it's a one list, maybe it's 30% that you think you're going to convert, right.
Maybe if it's a list of people that have joined your challenge, maybe it's 60% 70%.

We've seen huge numbers in terms of conversion when they are in the right.
When it's the right audience, they already knew the program, and they basically have already said, I'm interested, right.
Typically, if they join your challenge, right.
So you're going to see in that calculator that you can also have an idea of your monthly recurring revenue based on the price point, how long they stay and how many members do you think you can bring in every month? It's a really cool calendar.
It's going to get you excited about the possibilities.

But what's really, really important is that you start with realistic numbers and those realistic numbers are how many people are actually interested.
And if it's your whole list that you're looking at, make sure that you pick a conversion number that is realistic, something like 3% or 5%, no more.
All right.
So I hope you find this video helpful to help you set realistic goals.
Link below to the calculator so that you can start plugging your numbers and let us know in the comments, what are your goals? And when you're planning to launch this membership? And if you're not subscribed yet to the channel to get more of the membership videos, click on the subscribe button and on the little Bell so that you can be notified when we have new videos coming up for you.

Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you in the next video.

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