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How to turn your new members into loyal members that will stay month after month

so how do you get loyal members to stay in your membership month after months after months when creating a membership lots of people focused on getting members and they see this as the ultimate goal the sign up but that is a huge mistake why this is exactly what we're going to talk about in this video we are the membership lab and if you're not signed up yet click on the subscribe button

and on the little bell so that you can be notified when we come up with new videos so ready let's get started so when people join a membership there is some commitment right they've just joined they've just joined they are excited and they can't wait to dive in so what happened next is going to set the tone about what they think about your membership so how do you do that well there are

many ways that you can create an amazing onboarding experience and of course even though you don't want to overdo it you want to make sure that it's memorable so how do you create that wow experience the first thing that you need to do and that we love to do is to create an onboarding section this is something that we do for almost all our clients and we have it in our

own membership as well and what that onboarding section does is it's going to help the member feel welcome get them the right expectations and get them committed to the platform so what does it really look like this is an example here this is our own membership and this is a client one and this is another client one so the idea is that you have two sections

the first one is a welcome video and that qualcomm video has several purposes one is going to welcome them two is going to give them a tour of the membership so that they understand where things are three it's going to tell them more about the content what content they have access to right now what is going to be dripped or delivered later on then it's going to have information on support

what is the best way to get support do you do calls do you have a facebook group do you have a community inside a membership do they you have a contact form what is the best way for people to ask for help if they are stuck and then finally the last one is the accountability how are you going to help them make sure that they stay accountable and that they commit to the platform

so this is the video and it should really be the first thing that they see when they log in then next to the video as you can see on the example here again there is a to-do list so you can choose to have that list or not but when you have that list you can actually track if people have peop have completed the onboarding so what we do is we talk people in the in the in the

crm system and in the platform so that we know that this person has completed onboarding and that allows us to follow up one week later if they haven't so that we can ask them if they have any questions so that to-do list here what can it have it can have something like welcome watch the welcome video it could have things like um click here to embed our calendar into your calendar so that you never miss a call

so that's especially good if you have q a calls accountability calls that are like weekly twice a month once a month so it's always in their calendar and then they can choose to show up or not but at least it's there they're going to get the notifications right you could also have a link to complete a self-assessment if you have a quiz that allows them to see where they are in the journey that is

going to help them not feel overwhelmed and understand where they are and what content to focus on based on the step that they are in so there are several things that you can add to this to-do list really depending on your membership on your audience and how much hand-holding you feel that they need but the key here is that once the onboarding is completed the next time that they log in that

section can go away so it's not something that they need to see every time that they log in it's really behavioral meaning that the platform is looking at what people do and don't do to show them the right information so the next time that person logs in they can have access to the content directly and we know they've been onboarded

so if you love this video please give it a thumbs up and let us know in the comments what you think about that onboarding idea i mean we've implemented this on hundreds of membership sites already and um it's a great way to really create that wow effect you could even have a one of the to-do's that is a some type of homework that is going to give them

a quick win because remember when people join they are still wondering what's in it for them so if you can get that wow experience and that quick win then you can be guaranteed that they will stay loyal and stay for months after months after months i hope you enjoyed this video and if you did please give it a thumbs up and share in your groups in your profile anything that you know might benefit for

this video and if you're not subscribed click on the subscribe button and on the little bell so that you can be notified when we come up with new videos in this channel thank you so much for watching and i will see you next time

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