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Improve engagement with searchable video notes inside your membership site!

Did you know that you can now create searchable notes for your video content? If you're using WordPress and Vimeo to store your videos for your online course or your membership site, then you want to take a look at this feature because it is is going to change the way people consume content.
So I am here on the demo site.
There is a video from Vimeo and you can see here that there is a place where I can take notes.
So I'm watching the video and maybe I'm seeing something on a cool social media tool that is talked about.
So I'm going to make a note social media tool and I'm going to save this note for later and I'm going to keep watching the video.

And then maybe another time I can come and I can search my notes.
And then here I can type social media tool and it's going to find the video that has the note that mentions the social media tools.
So can you see how powerful that can be? How that can help people go back to your content and basically get more results, get more out of your content and get more successful.
If you'd like to find out if you can have this feature in your membership, just reach out to us.
There is a link below this video and then we'll talk to you and see if that's a possibility.
Don't forget to hit the subscribe button and the notification Bell so that you can be notified when and we come up with new live videos.

If you have videos inside your membership you also need to checkout searchditto, a powerful tool that helps create a unique experience for your members, helps them find your content a lot easier. 

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