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Improve your members experience: how to favorite videos inside a membership site

Are you looking for ways to improve the member experience inside your membership? You're going to love this feature.
It's basically the ability for your members to favorite your videos.
So if you're using WordPress and you're using Vimeo as your video storage, then you are going to be able to use that feature.
And basically the way it works is it displays this little heart here at the bottom of the video, and all they have to do is click on it to market as a favorite video.
What happens then is that you can give them access to this library of favorite videos anywhere on the site, so that can be through a button here that could get them to a page where they can see all their favorite content.

And with the click of a button, they can just go back and click on the video and it will get them to the page with that video.
You can also have a menu item so you can see here we've organized it in a submenu and we call it My content.
And here they can go directly to their favorite content.
It's going to send them to the same page, or you can even have a badge on the main dashboard the page that they go to once they log in so that they can directly access their favorite content.
This is especially helpful if you have a library type of membership with lots of content where you know that people will never consume everything.

But it's really important and really a great feature to allow your members to organize their content in the way that they consume it and in the way that they want to access it when they log in.
So if you enjoy this feature and you would like to know more and see if that could be integrated into your membership, feel free to book a call on the link below.
Com concert and we can discuss your membership and see if that's something that could work.
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