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Is your business ready for a membership? 7 signs you might be ready!

are you ready to build a membership for your business well let's find out in this video I'm gonna share with you seven signs that you might be ready okay number one I'm calling it frustration if you're frustrated because you can only work so many with so many people and you can only help so many people and you know that there is the whole this whole you know section of people that you

could be supporting and you're not then that might be a sign number two I call it getting time back this is when you're really hustling and you're busy and you're making money and you're making results for people but you know this is not scalable this is not something that you can do more off and if anything you want to get some time back so how do you continue to support people continue to

make more money even more money have a bigger impact and get some time back while the membership is one way to do it number three expand your reach so you know that you're only serving a portion of your audience even maybe sometimes just a portion of your list right think of all these people that you know love you but are not quite ready to purchase your coaching program or to approach to

sign up for your mastermind or to come to your retreat right you have an offer for them well if you don't maybe your membership is the right way to start giving them the support and the accountability that they need to build that confidence to grow what I call the trust ladder where they'll start to get you know you love you and trust you so that eventually they'll be ready for the

coaching program the mastermind the retreat or maybe signing up to your signature program number four it's the movement and I'm seeing this especially on women who crave creating that community that movement around a topic of passion that they are very passionate about and that they want to share with more people okay so if you want to create that movement that can totally

totally be added to your existing business but that could be done in the form of a membership number five this is for people that are more like analytical left brain and want to leverage systemize and automate okay so they got to a point where they have maybe quite a few offers you know courses up there there is a coaching program and then there is some some retreat over there or some workshops

some you know paid webinars and everything is working well but you know that by putting everything on one centralized platform systemizing things having motivation having a clear pathway of exactly what is the ideal path for your ideal client this is a great way to leverage your expertise and to grow and you can achieve that with an online portal with a membership site number six

you want more money if you want more money doing not much more work but doing work that's more leverage then a membership is also quite way to do it you can generate recurring revenues and you can support people at different levels right you can have a lower price point where this is for people that are getting started you know you they might not be able to invest on but they might

not feel ready to invest more with you then you can have higher levels that is the next step where they can get maybe a bit of Acts more access to you and then you can get yet the next level maybe maybe where it's the VIP coaching right so more money you know you know you know you're leaving money on the table because you're not serving every profile in your in your audience this is another

sign that you might be ready for membership and finally number seven you are teaching online already but you want better results for your online courses right so you know because you've probably purchased online courses and maybe you've even you know launched online courses you know that most people don't finish online courses okay we know that for a fact okay so what can you do

to increase this success well one way to do this is to add back end memberships to your online courses it's gonna provide them with more support accountability and it's gonna make them feel like they can actually do the course at their own pace right so those are seven signs that you might be ready for membership and there are more signs obviously so if you think you might be ready feel free to check out

the links below this video so that you can get more support also join the membership experiment which is a free Facebook group and you can also join now the membership lab which we recently opened it's a membership for membership site owners or membership site owners to be we want to build a community we want to build a membership and we are there to support you if you're not signed up

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