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The Profitable Membership Masterclass

The 5 pillars to a profitable membership program.

Are you wondering if the membership model makes sense for you,
you business and your business goals, right NOW?

What do YOU REALLY NEED to make it a smashing success?

The answer is inside The Profitable Membership Masterclass.

Do any of these headaches sound familiar?

• I am struggling to manage my time
• The lack of predictable income is stressing me out
• I spend so much time repeating myself all the time, there has to be another way!
• I could a membership possible work for my business?
• I am overwhelmed by the tech quite easily

OR maybe..

• I am lost, where do I start to take my expertise online?
• I don’t know much content I need to create and how often
• I am afraid it will take forever to see results!
• I am concerned it’s going to be expensive to build
• How long is it going to take to get something I can use and start making money with?
• Will my audience want it?
• Is there a way I can test the idea before I go full in?

The members area will include helpful resources and checklists/spreadsheets around the following areas so that you have a plan or strategy for each of these areas:


I have had conversations with over 700 entrepreneurs
in the last 4 years.
(I keep an Evernote note for each conversation!) and I have learned so much about what is preventing people from moving forward, what they are scared of, what they are struggling with.

The Profitable Membership Masterclass is
the secret sauce that makes creating and launching
your profitable course quick and easy


Once you have completed the masterclass,  you can book your call with Nathalie so she can provide you with live feedback! (limited seats each month)


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About Nathalie…

Nathalie started her entrepreneurial journey 16 years ago when she, her husband and 3 children moved back to France after 10 years working in the Silicon Valley both as software Engineers.

It’s only in the past 5 years that they both realized that in order to be great at something you had to focus on that ONE thing. And that’s what they did with memberships.

As a result they have built over 300 membership sites that generated over 7 figures in revenues for their business and millions for their clients.

Some of their clients are achieving multiple 5 figures and 6 figures month and some do 7 figure course launches.

Nathalie and her team’s mission is to improve online learning experiences and make it available to everyone. They do this by designing turnkey affordable membership platforms that create unique custom experiences so that members will never want to leave.

I loved having a set time every other week where I could bring my questions and get answers from you and others.
I loved the group I was in! I love hearing about what other women are doing. Even if I am not where they are at, the discussions sparked thinking for me moving forward!
I think a lot of people don't think they have the time or money for something like this, but the information I gathered was invaluable.
Having a set time for these conversations gives me that learning time that I rarely find otherwise.
The mastermind meetings with Nathalie and the fellow Masterminders are my monthly business checkpoints.
I'm easily overwhelmed by large groups and thrive in the calm atmosphere of the Membership Lab Mastermind.
Nathalie's people are advanced entrepreneurs who are past the initial starters frenzy.
Nathalie's knowledge of memberships (tech, strategy, marketing and growth) is off the charts and you will be hard-pressed to find someone like her.
If you're past the DIY-stage, want your Membership to grow consistently, and confidently deal with all the small and large tech, market, launch and selling challenges, and learn from the best this is the place to be.


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