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Case Study - Online Group Coaching Program

This case study  shows you how you can setup an online group coaching program effectively, with the right combination of content, support and accountability built in.

The Client : Eloise Gagnon

Leadership and high performance coaching for Women executives, managers and CEOs.

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Eloise’s launched the Power Player Academy, a subscription based program tha consists of  masterclasses with lots of support and accountability. A new masterclass is added to the Members’ club each month. Every member in good standing also has access to all previous masterclasses. You can find out more about the program here.
Members also get access to a Private Podcast, a collection of audios that Eloise is creating for motivation, inspiration and to encourage her members to take action.


Each month a new masterclass is added to the platform. 

Each masterclass is made of an intro video and modules (usually 4 or 5) to break down the training into bite size pieces that are easy to digest and take action on.

Members also get access to a workbook that they can download and work on. 

They can also track their progress through the masterclass and quickly identify where they left off so they can resume the masterclass without wasting any time.

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When Eloise reached out to use she was working with people One on One and was looking for a way to unpack her 1 on 1 work and turn it into a group program where people will actually participate and get results. For that we needed a strong support system to make sure that members never felt alone.

For this, we provided a dedicated page where members could see when the next call was coming up and easily get access to the replays of past calls.

Eloise is also providing extra support and accountability through The exclusive podcast, for members only.


Accountability really starts from the moment the member has signed up. That’s why we worked closely with Eloise to design a great onboarding experience for her members. It includes a welcome video that explains the program, what to expect, how to get help, and that includes a todo-list. Thanks to AccessAlly we can track when people complete that todo-list (or not!) and give them a little nudge via email. All automated of course. This section is available on the dashboard and also on a separate Start here page.


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We have also put in place an Accountability call section on the platform so that members would be able to see quickly when the next call would be and would be able to watch the replays. This is the place where members can come with their questions or just to tune in and get some focus time.

With AccessAlly it is easy to manage multiple cohorts that might have access to the same video content and training, but that would have different calls schedules.

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Eloise runs her community on Slack but it was important to her to be able to link to the community from within the platform.
So we have created a community page where Eloise is going to be able to explain in detail what the community is about and how best to use it to get the most out of her program.


One of my favorite AccessAlly features is how we can create an educational platform and marketing at the same time without feeling salesy. 

Even though Eloise is not pushing for more 1 on 1 client, she still wants to give an opportunity to some of her members to get one on one support from her. So it’s not displayed everywhere, but in the support section there is a place where you can inquire about working 1 on 1 with Eloise. She will then be able to filter through those applications and chose who she’d like to work with 1 on 1.

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If you’d like to find out more about AccessAlly and what it can bring to your business, you can check out their features here.
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