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Was launching a membership on your To Do list for 2023?

But we're into 2024 now and you're still in the idea phase?


Membership Kickstart Workshop

A 3h recorded Workshop to help you turn what you know and love 
into a profitable membership program

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I'm Nathalie and I know Memberships like the back of my hand.

I literally eat, sleep and breathe membership. 

SO let's get the job done before the year is over! There is still time!

You are just 3h away from having the clear plan to make it happen! 

Maybe you’ve looked at purchasing courses or joining a membership about memberships, but you found yourself frustrated with the cookie cutter approach that are leaving  you wondering 

“how is that applying to me?”

I hear you. And I can see you.

And this is why I am give you access to the recording of The

Membership Kickstart Workshop

Right now! When you want, 24/7 unlimited access
rocket - The Membership Lab
Today is the day you decide to turn your vision into a reality!

You want to create a membership program because
you know that this is the easiest way to continue to support your audience
and get money coming in every single month.


Months have passed and it’s still just an idea!
We can change that TODAY.

Did you know that with the recession coming our way, the energy crisis, the war in Ukraine,
people are craving communities and support more than ever before!
In fact, this crisis is amplifying existing struggles and creating new ones.
  So let’s get curious,
and look for opportunities to put our knowledge and passion at the service of a community.

Are you with me?

When you join, I’m going to share my proven framework to create a rock solid foundation for your membership program and finally turn your idea into reality. 

Only 47€

How do we do that? There are 6 parts:

Part 1 - Nail Your Audience

Part 2 Nail Your Membership Idea

Part 3 Nail Your Membership Model

Part 4 Validating your idea 

Part 5 Pricing your offer (you need 2 prices) 

Part 6 Nail Your Content Creation: the CSA Model

Each part has actionable and concrete exercises with live feedback and support from me.
I go through this exact process with my clients. And It works.

And today I am making it ridiculously affordable for you to join so that you can’t use money as an excuse 🙂

By the end of the workshop, IF you do the work,
you’ll know exactly your ideal audience,
the problem you’ll solve for them and
What your solution is going to be.

And, I’ll be here for you, personally, to support you along the way.
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Want to see and hear proof that this works? 

Alicia got her first 100 members in less than 48h!

“I would have never been able to to something together like this myself… Nathalie goes above and beyond…”
"This is a great DYI process for getting your membership site up and running! "
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Mark Wayshak
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"It’s been a really good experience working with you – thank you again for all the extra time you’ve given me. I’m so impressed by how you’ve set up your system to help people get started"
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Charlotte Whitehead
I want to help you see the amazing membership idea that’s inside of you, 
waiting to be developed so you can get money coming in every single month doing what you love.

Carly  has served over 6000 Students since the launch, both kids and now their mom too!

“Nathalie caught so many opportunities to engage with my members and encourage them along the way. Sometimes you’re too close to your work to see these things.”

“I could see myself doing it by myself. I could not have created the Gym Vocal without Nathalie’s help”

“Working with Nathalie really makes me feel supported, she is a wide expertise and she really knows what she’s talking about”.

But Wait! I also got bonuses for you!

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Beta launch strategy and script templates I will  share with you the easiest and faster way to launch your membership, pre-selling it and start making money before your membership is even ready.
You’ll get the exact word for word email and social media copy so you can launch with ease.

(Value 197€)

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50+ retention strategies PDF.  50+ retention strategies you can use now or apply later to get your members engaged and consuming your content. 

(Value 97€)
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Onboarding Experience Training. learn how to create a unique onboarding experience that will not only make your members feel at home, but will ensure that they don’t get overwhelmed and that they feel supported.
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Submit your work and get a private video review from  me and 30min pick-my-brain call to get all your questions answered.
(Value: priceless)

You're In?
(please don't give up, your people need you.)

Join me and other passionate entrepreneurs and let’s build you an amazing asset
that will future proof your business!

I know you want to. Let’s do this together!

My promise to you is that if you do the work,
you’ll have all you need to launch your membership with the confidence that it will work. 

Guaranteed, or your money back.