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I am Natalie to him you and in this video I am going to show you how to boost engagement in your online courses your membership site and provide stellar support to your students members one-on-one clients and the way you're going to do this is with what we call conversations so conversations are modules like this one like the one you can see here on the screen basically you

can add a conversation module to any page on any online course any membership site that you have and what it does it it allows members to communicate with each other so again so that they can interact with each other and so each other questions they can pay for accountability they can talk about the actual lesson and questions that they have but they can also ask you a

question you D admin the instructor of the course and you will be notified by email so that is the first type of conversations that are actually public so anybody that has access to the page can see everybody's questions can answer anybody okay and then there is the second kind of conversation which is more for your one-on-one clients so if you are coach and you want to provide

that a private area for your members where they can have this conversation with you they can ask you questions you reply it shows up in the member area then you can also use the private conversations for that and if you pair it with our Dropbox share feature where you can basically link a Dropbox folder / one-on-one client then you can share with them resources call replays and

things like that just by drag and dropping the file in their Dropbox folder right you can also allow them to upload content so they can upload homework any types of files videos that you would like to allow them to send to you and then you can be notified so it's a great way to build a strong relationship with your clients for the member area but it's also a great way

when you use it as a public for the community to engage with each other to provide support to each other and also to get access to you for any questions another cool feature of the conversations is that you can archive a conversation so if the conversation becomes obsolete or you want to not have it in the main feed you just can click on archive if you're an admin you can archive everything if

not then you can only archive your own questions basically you can delete your questions if you don't want it to show up anymore if you go to archives of course you'll see what's been archived so it's not deleted but what also you can do is download the whole slide so you have the option to download the whole conversation as a text file so that you can save it on your computer

and you can basically keep that for your record so as you can see conversations are a great way to boost engagement for your students young members but also to provide a great experience for your one-on-one clients and build a strong relationship with them through the membership site

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