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Membership Tip – Who you need to be to standout from your competition

Do you want to build the membership sites? But there are already established memberships in your market and you're wondering if it's worth it if you can even compete with those.
This video is for you.
I'm going to share with you three things, things that you need to be not to do, but to be in order to make it happen and to stand out in front of that competition.

Let's get started.
So number one, you need to be human.
Remember, always remember that people do business with people so they don't buy a product, they buy the result and the experience that you give them while they consume it.
So if you bring your story into your business, you're why, why it is that you're doing it, people will buy why you do it more than the actual thing.
And by being human and showing your story that by definition makes you unique, because as a person, you are unique.
So this leads into the second thing that you need to be is relatable.
And the way you're being relatable again is by being human.

But by also specializing so that your message really talks to people.
So let me give you an example.
If you want to build a yoga membership, a membership where you teach yoga, there are tons of memberships and apps on the phone that do that.
So how do you stand out? All these people have established markets and audience.
How are you going to come in as a newbie and take a piece of that market? It's not going to be by building a membership for everybody, men and women and young women and young moms and pregnant and people with health issues and people with back pains and people over 40 because it's too generic.

Your message is really not going to attract them specifically because there are already so many established memberships that do that already.
However, if you specialize and if you say, well, I do yoga for young moms and their baby.
I do yoga for pregnant women.
I do yoga for people over 40.
I do yoga for people working in the corporate.
They don't have a lot of time.
So C suite level people and things like that.
Maybe you do yoga for people with back issues.

Maybe you do yoga for total newbies that are 50 plus.
So you see that by doing this, yes, you restrict the market.
But then your message is going to be so much more specific that the minute you start talking about their pain points.
Like, whatever issue that specific market has, they are going to relate.
They're going to say, oh, yes, that's me.
And that's how you can get the peace of this market.
So that's number two be relatable.
And then finally, number three is be creative.

It used to be that a membership was you do a monthly bundle every month, you give a new piece of content and that's enough for people to stay and consume that? Well, it doesn't work that way anymore because a lot of people can do that.
So how do you stand out? You be creative.
You create unique experiences from the moment that they on board, that they get in as a new member.
But to attract those people, you have to make your offer attractive as well.
So what is it that you can include inside the membership that others don't have? Could it be concierge services like extra services that they have access to only if they are a member? Could it be discounts and coupons for products and services that you know they use? So if I take the yoga example again, you know they're going to buy Mattes, you know they're going to buy yoga clothes.

Probably right.
So can you have a specific offer for them on that compared to another yoga membership that doesn't provide any of that? Right? You stand out.
So think of the ways that you can be creative and provide even more value with your membership by bundling bonuses extra services perks that would make them choose you over somebody else.

So I hope that you find this video helpful.
If you are not subscribed to this channel, please click on the subscribe button and click on the little Bell so that you can be notified when I come up with a new video and please leave a comment below and let me know what your membership is about.
How do you plan to stand out or how do you stand out and feel free to share a link to your membership? I love to see memberships that are actually out there.
All right.
Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you next time.

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