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Pivot Your Business and Add Recurring Income in just 2 days

are you interested in pivoting your business and adding recurring revenues in just two days to your business so that you can continue to support your audience your past clients and make it to a whole new level I'm not a little a new co-founder of the membership laughs and used after marketing and in this video I'm going to show you how to just do that so the key here is really to

look into the people that you're already serving so if you already have clients the idea is to create a membership that is content less meaning you don't have to create hours of videos and things like that because very often what people need is they need support they need a place to ask that question very often they need a community so that they can support each other where they can keep

each other accountable okay so this type of membership is actually a membership where you don't need to create content what you need however to do is to show up show up on call so maybe it's once a month twice a month with the Membership lab right now with what's happening with Cody 19 we show up three times a week in the lab to support our clients and all our members okay so the idea here is to

fast-track the validation process you know of the idea is we need to go into supporting the people that you've already supported that already trusts you they've already paid you they are past clients and if you got them results and they were happy you are probably leaving money on the table anyway okay so the idea is to pick up the phone talk to a couple of past clients figure out

what type of support they might need chances are they are not the only one okay then you can start inviting people it doesn't require you to create a new website anything like that right now it just requires you to take action be clear on what you're gonna be delivering what calls how it's going to happen maybe it's zoom then you can think of putting it in that inside a platform so

that they can have access to the replays they can post their questions in advance and things like that okay now if you don't have clients yet and you want to do that and add this recurring revenue to your business ecosystem you can look into your audience that's your list your followers on social media so of course the relationship there is not as strong as with a past client so

you're gonna have to work a little bit harder there but if you have a free Facebook group or if you've been talking to your list regularly or interacting on social media regularly find out what is their biggest pain point or what is the thing that brings them joy right now especially if you're in the hobby business right you're teaching how to paint or how to draw or whatever it is

right find out what is the one thing that people would be willing to pay for now and again the best way is to talk to them right so you can say you know I can send surveys and stuff like that talk to people pick up the phone send the messenger email so that you can quickly identify what that pain point is what that problem is that you can solve and see how you can turn that into a content

less membership that's focused on a community and then access to you and maybe some experts so that they can ask question they can feel listened to and it can basically get some accountability okay this membership this is something that you can come up like within like two days I literally have clients where we're going to build a bigger membership but they just got started with this and they

are getting people signing up right now because you this is something you can pre-sell you can sell it now and say we start the calls in two weeks okay so that's a great way for you to not only add a new revenue stream to your business but also to pivot more online to something that's more scalable to probably what you've been doing so far okay so I hope you found this useful

if you do please give it a thumbs up comment below on what your membership idea is going to be if you're watching this video until now that probably means that this was for you so let us know also join the membership lab it's de Membership lab calm and don't forget to subscribe to the channel if you and already there is a subscribe button on the bottom right corner of this video

so that you can subscribe and be notified when we come up live next time thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time

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