Would you love to create a profitable membership program
that brings you recurring income every month?


The Profitable Membership

Get your Membership site designed and planned in just 9 steps.

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The Profitable Membership Formula is for you if:

  • You are ready to create your profitable membership course or program that brings you a passive income every month
  • You are already fully booked  (or want to stop working) with 1:1 clients and want a way to move beyond trading time for money
  • You’d love to share your expertise with a wider audience than 1 to many
  • You want to scale and help more people while making a lot more money
  • You’d like a formula to follow to help you design and put together your profitable membership formula that will get results

But maybe....

  • you’re lacking clarity on how to create your profitable membership program
  • You’re too busy to make headway with your goal of generating a passive income
  • You’re confused and overwhelmed by all the information from experts about how to create your online membership program, and unsure what step to take first
  • You’re put off by all the tech involved in having a course/ membership site
  • You’re feeling unsure about whether you can turn your vision into paying members
  • You’ve tried programs in the past but didn’t get the results you expected

I have great news, it’s possible!

In the last 4 years I have worked with over 300 entrepreneurs 1 on 1 to help them create their online program.

I turned the system that I used to get my clients results into a system that anyone can go through.

And my clients are getting results like this below….

Alicia got her first 100 members in less than 48h!

“I would have never been able to to something together like this myself… Nathalie goes above and beyond…”
"This is a great DYI process for getting your membership site up and running! "
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Mark Wayshak
Founder Salesstrategyportal.com
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"It’s been a really good experience working with you – thank you again for all the extra time you’ve given me. I’m so impressed by how you’ve set up your system to help people get started"
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Charlotte Whitehead
Founder Careerpractic.com

You might be thinking: this won’t work for me!

I want to reassure you, many of my clients are new to the online business world, some hate tech, and my membership formula still work for them.

Like my client Alicia, founder of Fit Pro Essentials :
You did such an amazing job, I could not have launched without you. You’re a genius with what you do…Nathalie just goes above and beyond..”

I want to show you the amazing membership idea that’s inside of you waiting to be developed so you can get the recurring income that you deserve and get some of your time back.

That’s where The Profitable Membership Formula comes in,

Here is how the program will benefit you:

You'll be able to confidently choose your membership idea, problem and solution

You’ll feel confident about your choice and will have a solid plan to test your idea before you invest a lot of time and money. And you’ll know how to pivot if needed!

You'll choose the membership model that will work for you AND for them

it’s so easy to get distracted by looking at others are doing but the reality is what is great for someone could be less than ideal for you and even make you lose money and motivation! With the Formula to choose the model based on key criteria.

you'll craft a Unique Member Experience

You probably already know this, but throwing videos and calls is not going to get your members results. People stay if they get one thing from you : results. And do give them results you need to provide them with an experience. And this program is designed all around that.

You'll have the recipe to get your First Perfect Lifetime Members

Getting members is great. But getting lifetime members is even better. Many focus on getting any members but with time this actually works against you. With The profitable membership Formula you’ll learn how to get the right members that will stay months after months!

You’ll learn my proven Profitable Membership Formula that I have gone through with hundreds of clients one on one over the past Three years.

Following this process, many of my clients have achieved financial stability and many of them earn 5K, 10k and sometimes over 50K/month, while leveraging their time so they can focus on other things.

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The Profitable Membership Formula works for all types of markets from B2B to B2C.

Carly  has served over 6000 Students since the launch, both kids and now their mom too!

“Nathalie caught so many opportunities to engage with my members and encourage them along the way. Sometimes you’re too close to your work to see these things.”

“I could see myself doing it by myself. I could not have created the Gym Vocal without Nathalie’s help”

“Working with Nathalie really makes me feel supported, she is a wide expertise and she really knows what she’s talking about”.

Here is what you’ll learn on this program:

To secure your place on this program...

Book a 30min discovery call

Think about it, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, will you achieve your business goals? Or you can try something new that has worked for  hundreds of people and create the life & business you deserve!

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Have questions? We got answers…

The program is currently closed to new members. 

What you’ll learn is a proven process I have taught to hundreds of business owners over the past 4 years. I’ve refined my process to get it better and better, so if you follow the process  it will work.

This program is suitable for you whether your audience are Individual Professionals, Business Owners or Corporates. I have worked with hundreds of business owners 1 to 1 and I have loads of examples to share on what works right now.

The content you receive within this program is of the same high quality and proven process that gets results as what I do with my 1 to 1 clients.

The total value of this Profitable Membership Formula program is worth over 6000 euros, between the proven process, the support and accountability. I have had clients go through the program and now make $5K,$10K up to over $50K/month with the membership we designed together because we were able to create a unique experience so their members don’t want to leave.

You can go through this program with only spending 2-3 hours a week. If this membership is a priority to you, then you should focus your time working on the membership. If you are busy with tasks that are not helping you get you to your goal maybe it is time to rethink your priorities.

As a business owner 15 years in the making I know that mindset is often 80% of what holds entrepreneurs back, and I also know what you need to overcome this. I’ve built into this program the tools you need to transform your fears, so they stop limiting you and you can step into doing the work you are here to do.

If you still have question, you can book a call with someone on our team (that could be Nathalie!)

Read about what our students say about working with us…