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Scaling your 1 on 1 coaching business to make a bigger impact

are you looking to scale your one-on-one coaching or your one-on-one work with people if you are this video is for you if you're working one-on-one with people and you're getting people results and and you know by now that you have these systems or this method that is getting people results but you also know that this is not scalable right there is only so many people that you can work with one-on-one then this is a sign that you might be ready for a membership program so i know most people a lot of coaches that i talk to when they do one-on-one they always feel like what i do one-on-one i cannot get the same result with people in the group setting and i want to challenge you on this because there is real power in learning as a group of course when you work

one-on-one you have one-on-one attention but when you have a group you have the dynamics of the group you have the accountability from the group and that doesn't mean that you cannot have individualized support and accountability but you have this extra piece that you don't get when you work one-on-one which is the community the power of coming together as a group to support each other because there will always be people that are in high energy everything is going great and people let our be down and that's the power of communities people being able to support each other on the wings but also on the bads right on the on the failure or on the things that are not going as planned so if you're working one-on-one and you're realizing that even though you're

getting people results but this is not scalable then creating a membership program is definitely an option if you're interested to find out more there will be a link below in the description of the video for you to find out more on what this could be looking like now if you're not subscribed to this channel to the membership lab please click on the button below right here right here to subscribe and then click on the little bell so that you can be notified when when i come up with new videos on this channel thank you so much for watching the video until the end and until then i'll see you next time

Scaling your 1 on 1 Coaching business with a membership program

Watch this video to find out how you can leverage your coaching expertise and turn it into a scalable business that can even be ran by others!
If you have a method, a system that  you use with your 1 on 1 clients, there is a way to turn it into a scalable program that will impact SO many more people!

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