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Should you keep your membership always open?

should you keep your membership always open or should you use the open closed card strategy this is exactly what we're going to talk about in this video and I'm going to share with you my takes on it based on the close to 300 membership sites that we've built so far I'm Natalie the renewal co-founder of new software marketing and the membership lab and let's dive in so I've been

thinking about this and going back and forth with opening the membership all the time or doing the open closed card you know structure for the membership lab and I really had to go back and think about what my clients have been doing and what works and what doesn't and I really noticed something that I think is gonna be super helpful for you ready if you have a strategy to build

your audience and to build a large waiting list if you have a team a launch plan maybe you have a plan to have some affiliates that can promote the your membership and you have someone that can take care of these affiliates then yes if you do a launch you're gonna get more money and bigger a bigger number of members you know when you launch obviously and then you can spend the

rest of the time loving on your pay members and creating great free content for the people that haven't joined yet might not be quite ready so that they can start to love you know you love you and trust you and join your waiting list so that they'll be notified the next time you open okay so that works great if you have the strategy to build a large audience to build a waiting list

and you have em you have the team behind you to help you do that launch otherwise launching alone is almost you know impossible okay on the other hand and that is the case for a lot of people if you're alone or if you have maybe just one VA and you're not used to these big launches and they're not really excite you in fact maybe they trust you out right then you definitely want to do an

always open membership okay so if you think about why you want to build a membership in the first place are you doing it for the financial stability the steady income because if you do then doing the open clothes and doing launches is not going to achieve that right because you're back into the launch mode where oh my gosh I'm spending a lot of time and money on a launch let's hope and cross our fingers

that it works so your income is not going to be stable right so you're going to go like this you're gonna go launch and then it's closed maybe you lose a bit of member then you launch again maybe you lose a bit of member okay versus if your membership is always open of course it's not gonna go up as fast but not fully hopefully it's quite steady like this okay in terms of number

of members alright so if you're gonna keep it always open of course you want to entice people to join so how did you do that if you don't do launches well you can do promotions you can offer limited time bonuses maybe extra group life calls on for certain period of time so that for people on the fence it's an incentive for them to join like today and not wait for tomorrow when the bonus

will be gone okay so those are really the two ways that I can think of and you can definitely start with always open and then going to launch mode when when you're wrecking revenue are big enough that you can hire the team hire the planners and you know have the whole launch plan you know built for you and then go even bigger but to get started I really I would really look at what is

your zone of genius do you know how to build that list do you know how to build that waiting list okay and do you have the team and the support to make that happen so I hope that you found this helpful I don't know which one you feel is the best I know some people are going into the membership route because they are tired of launching and they just want a

business that is more stable in everything in every way meaning in in what they do and also in there come alright so you're not gonna make as much money you know at the very beginning but if you if your study then you'll eventually get to your goal alright so I hope you found this useful let me know in the comments what strategy you plan to use membership

always open or the open class open called closed called strategy and if you're not signed up and subscribe to our YouTube channel there is a subscribe button below please click on it and give us a thumbs up and of course comment below we'd love to hear from you hear about your membership idea and your open/close cart or launch strategy alright thank you so much for watching

and I will see you next time

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