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Stop guessing: set realistic goals with the Membership Success Calculator

okay so you got your hands on the membership success file calculator and uh in this video i'm going to show you how to best use it so that you can really get clarity on what it's going to take for you to get to your goals if you have a specific money goal but also what is the actual value of your membership right now based on the list that you have or the audience that you have

so that you can set realistic goals for your membership as you get started all right so you have several fields that you can modify so the first one at the top is the pricing so this would be your funding member price the price that people are going to pay when they first join your membership so for example you have an ideal target price of uh

97 per month but you're going to get started for your funding members like a beta if you will at 47 a month and then the next number you want to look at is your funding members how many people do you plan to bring in first time like say you think you can bring in 50 people and then here you want to choose how long you think the members are going to stay

so a typical membership that is not working so well will have people live at the two three months mark so let's say three months okay and then let's say you are able to bring 10 new members per month for example all right well if you look at those numbers that means that what you can expect to have as a recurring monthly income is 940 dollars

for 50 people that pay 47 a month and that stay on average three months so people stay and then there is more people coming in okay now watch what happens when you can upgrade the retention to 10 months so same amount of work for you right whether this is 3 months or 10 months it's the same amount of work for you but look at the difference it's almost multiplied by 10

all right 4 230 dollars per month for the same price same number of people same effort on your part so you can see how the retention plays a big role in your revenues now the the other section that you have here is so this is helping you to like set expectations for your goals if you want to make 5000 amounts then you pretty much know okay i need to

be that price people need to stay that amount of time and by the way 10 months is is not like huge unattainable okay it's totally doable especially when you follow certain rules of on-boarding and retention and engagement so and then if you you know you would need to build 50 members now if you're able to build 100 members to your um your funding member then you can see

that you can get up to 80 000 per month right and then you can see that if they only stay three months then you're down to 9.40 if they say 12 months then your life down to 500.
so if you can bring 100 and you can add 20 members per month here we go you are 10k all right so this is going to be really important when you're setting your price and your expectations of how

many people you can get that number here is something that this is your membership that is going to affect right the engagement it's one they've signed up that you need to work on that but the pricing and the number of people is something that you can really start to focus on right now now the other part here is um addressing your current situation your current audience so

people say sometimes you know i have lots of followers and it's great to have followers but those followers you don't know if they are buyers you don't know if they are here just following you for entertainment right you don't know if you actually have a solution to a problem that they are willing to pay for right your list however is a little bit warmer

because they've given you their email their email address right so for example if you have a list of 2000 people and say that you think they are your target meaning that these people actually have the problem that you're solving and they are actively looking for a solution and say you do a five percent conversion rate that means if you you show them the offer and five percent

of them you know sign up that's a hundred people and that's pretty good right so that means that gets you your 100 members right so you see here if you want to achieve eight thousand a month and you have a list of two thousand and you think you can convert them at five percent because you know these people are the right people and you're going to charge them 47 per

month then that's what you can aim for in terms of revenues okay so this is meant to give you clarity on what's possible and for you to really not set unrealistic expectations or oh i have a list of thousands and yes they are all going to like it then they are all going to join right no you don't know to to find out that conversion rate actually either you know because you're having regular

conversations or you want to start to survey your list tell them you know hey i'm thinking of building um you know creating this community this membership whatever it is that you want to create right and um this is what's going to do this is how it's going to help uh is that something you'd be interested in if you are click here and then you tag them in your

email system so that you are building an interest list basically and you say well you know if you click here then i will let you know when i have more information because right now you don't have the price you don't know exactly what they're going to be getting or when but you're like just taking the temperature looking at your list and basically segmenting that list into the people that will be good

candidate for this offer and the people that are not and from that interest list this is your one people this is your actual audience so this is the actual audience that you probably want to plug in here and then from these people then it's not five percent it's maybe 20 or 30 percent that you can expect right so so maybe you have uh 400 people that reply right

and that say yeah yeah yeah definitely tell me more when you have a chance 20 convert that's 80 people okay so i hope you found this helpful you can use it many ways but obviously obviously hopefully it gives you clarity on you know what it takes to get to your revenue goal and then with your current situation your current list size what is the potential funding members

that you can expect all right um if you want more clarity on that or if you want to chat feel free to book a call i think this link is going to get you to my scheduler so that you can book a 45 minute little conversations and i'll be happy to chat with you in and help you figure out where you're at and what could be the next step for you

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