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The best retention strategy for your membership program

i'm just about to share with you the best literally the best retention strategy that you can set up for your membership site and i'm going to share with you four options from the easiest to the more advanced options so you can really see how you can improve that experience even more ready the best retention strategy by far is to make sure that your members get the content that they need

when they need it fast because the number one reason people leave a membership is because of content overwhelm and the more content you're going to add the more people are going to struggle to find the stuff that they need so you need to help them with that and there are several ways that you can do that so the first level is to organize your

content into some sort of category okay so when they get to your membership they have categories and they can pick the content i'm not gonna go too far with that because that's the most basic level that you might already have the second level of content of strategy the second level to help them consume your content is to provide them with a search mechanism

so depending on the platform you're using you might have a search available but there is a good chance that it is not contextual enough and it's probably not providing them with the best search results because they can only search titles of you know titles of pages and copy if you have some and if you have lots of videos it's not searchable okay level number three

of pro helping people consume your content is to come up with a self-assessment it's a type of quiz that is going to help people figure out where they are in the whole journey so you could imagine that people that join your membership at uh are at different stages of their business or their life you know based on the what your membership is about

and with that self-assessment you can help them say figure out in what stage they are in and based on that stage you can say okay this is probably how you feel these are the things that you need to focus on and figure out before you get to the next level okay and this is the content that is going to help you make it happen so when you do that you can see that having tons of content on your

membership is not going to create overwhelm because now they know that you can support them through the whole journey but you're also helping them figure out quickly what they need to focus on based on where they're at and that's what i mean by getting them the content that they need when they need it okay so not all membership allow you to do that

we do that with access ali because it has a built-in quiz self-assessment that we turn into the email system so we also know in active campaign at what stage people people are at at any time okay so this is really helpful now let me share with you the fourth way which is the ultimate way that you can help your people consume your content it's to make sure that all your content include including

your older content you know the qn is that you have from like a year ago where it has like golden nuggets in it and you know it but you also know that people don't go back and watch q and a's just for the sake of watching videos what you can do with this fourth step is turn your video content into a search engine and the way you do that is you create transcripts for all your videos and you

make them searchable so of course if you had to do this manually it would be a ton of work you'd have to upload videos or audio you'd have to get the transcript then you'd have to upload back on your site that would be really costly in time and money okay uh luckily this is exactly why we created search detail video and i will post a link in the comments so that you can find out more

but i wanted to share with you this most important retention strategy which is making sure that people get the right content when they need it so if you're using wordpress for your membership site and you're using vimeo for your videos check out search detail video because this is what is going to turn your membership into a video content search engine so now we love to hear from you what

strategy are you implementing to make sure that your members get the right content let me know in the comments and give this video a thumbs up if you like it and turn on notifications so that you can be notified when we come up with new training for you bye

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