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The most Important metric for your membership site

so my clients have been totally blown away by this toll and how amazing and how they could see the possibility for their membership so if you have a membership site or if you plan to have one this is a case where you're really gonna see that retention strategy is so so so important so this is a monthly recurring revenue calculator that I have built where you're going to be able to

see how the price of your membership but also how long people stay in your membership really goes a long way into the health and the profitability of your membership so let's take a look so here basically you can set up the price for your membership so say we have a membership at 57 months and let's say that our membership is not going so well right now so maybe two people stay two

or three months okay and maybe you manage to get a hundred members as founding members in and you can get ten members new ten new members every single month okay so here you can see immediately the total revenue per member and you can also see the revenues per month right when people stay on average only three months okay now what I want to show you is what if you can build a retention strategy so that you

people your people will stay longer say they stay ten months look at the difference after months ten eleven twelve was the hundred you know I've gone then you left with five thousand record revenues now on mon sneh you get that 10k what if you could do another launch where you can get hundred more members right imagine what that would do to your record revenues so when we build

a membership we want to have a bigger impact get lots of members build the community but we also want to financial stability and recurring revenues right and to do this I hope that you can see here that your retention strategy needs to be set up from the beginning okay so if you have a membership and people are not staying longer that I strongly encourage you to

look into what retention strategies are you applying today and I think I have a couple of videos on that on my channel right but if you need any help just post a comment below and I'm happy to chat with you so you can actually download this calculator okay I have put a link below it's new software slash calculator and all you have to do is go to file make a copy and save it on

your drive alright I hope you enjoyed this video if you liked it please click on the thumbs up and sign up to subscribe to the channel so that you can be notified when a new video becomes available thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time

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