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Working with Eve Rheault – Gymvocal com

hi i'm ef gonerro and my membership is jim vocal at it's about voice training and it's for those who want to get a strong reliable and versatile singing voice and the greater confidence that comes with it when i reached out to natalie i needed help to create my membership site and before i knew her i felt very overwhelmed just by the idea to create a

jinfacal membership i was completely new to this i had a lot to learn and i didn't know i didn't see myself doing it by myself working with natalie really makes me feel supported and much more confident about the membership and it's journey now i find she's very confident has a wide expertise and she really knows what she's talking about and most importantly i feel that

she really cares about my projects and my goals i know when i'm stuck that she can be there to help me figuring things out i get so much positive feedbacks about the membership platform my students love it and define it as user friendly visually appealing um i wouldn't have been able to to do our that without her and i'm really grateful to have the chance to work with natalie and on top

of it she speaks french too so that was really helpful for me she's worth it

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